2025 Mazda CX-70


MSRP* $40,445 - $55,950
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City 23 - 24 Hwy 28

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2025 Mazda CX-70 Overview

While we are nearing a decade on from the automotive industry’s titanic shift toward prioritizing SUVs, automakers are still finding new segment gaps to fill like sand in a jar of marbles. The all-new 2025 Mazda CX-70 is the latest off-piste segment straddler, essentially offering the marque’s flagship three-row CX-90 in a new two-row package.

“New” is a rather strong word in this case. After spending an hour and change chatting with brand reps and poking and prodding Mazda’s latest SUV at its debut event, it’s clear this is very much a five-seat CX-90 with modestly massaged styling. This isn’t a bad thing; there are few three-row SUVs that match the CX-90 for good looks, handling and interior presentation.

Good stuff all, as that’s exactly how Mazda’s positioned this latest family member. The Japanese automaker has spent the last decade or so inching toward the “premium” tier. But if it sticks the landing in this game of segment leapfrog, Mazda will have higher margins to play with along with less cross-shopped competition — in theory, at least. Both aesthetically and materialistically, the latest Mazda products have been noticeably elegant, well-appointed and detail-oriented when compared to the competition without a heavier initial price tag.

The 2025 Mazda CX-70 is another lurch upmarket, and it rises to the top like cream, with gorgeous interior appointments and a strong kit of standard equipment to match what is sure to be a healthy starting price.

Chiseled Exterior Design
Most of the nitty-gritty hard details like price, power and dimensions are still under lock and key at the time of this writing, but Mazda reps assured us the new two-row is very close to the CX-90. We didn’t have a tape measure on hand (or a CX-90), but we had a tough time picking out the visual differences, especially from a hard side profile. Much of the exterior tweaks are found on the front fascia, where new grille inserts fill both sides of the new bumper. Along with a revised lower intake, this freshly chiseled design — Mazda’s words, not ours — lends a slightly more aggressive face.

Other stylistic upgrades are even subtler. Black exterior trim on door handles, roof rails and badge accents is the easiest 70-versus-90 tell at a distance, as is the CX-70’s exclusive 21-inch contrast-cut wheel design. All of this contributes to a very handsome SUV, appearing more luxurious than segment mates such as the Kia Telluride, Subaru Ascent and Toyota Grand Highlander.

Upscale Interior Appointments
Inside, there’s essentially nothing to differentiate the CX-70 from its three-row progenitor, but given just how upscale the CX-90’s appointments are, we wouldn’t change a thing. If you liked the leather-lined cabin in the CX-90, everything is right where you left it right down to dashboard structure, displays and controls. The CX-70 brings a few functional upgrades over the three-row model, including remote folding seats, extra rear storage compartments, and bag hooks.

Mazda wouldn’t confirm if there is additional room for rear passengers, but we found no issue with comfort or convenience when sitting in the rear, and were rather impressed with the overall fit and finish. It might cost you a bit more to reach the upper echelons of the CX-70 range, but it looks like you’ll get your money’s worth.

There’s also a smidge more tech to play with, both from a safety and infotainment front. Unresponsive Driver Support is new to Mazda’s Cruising and Traffic Support suite; it allows the CX-70 to automatically decelerate and stop the vehicle after a series of escalating alerts when the system detects abnormal inactivity. The CX-70’s Amazon Alexa integration is a Mazda-first, too, and offers the ability to change vehicle settings like the climate temperature and radio station, as well as checking the local weather and even controlling tethered smart home devices.

Familiar Powertrain Specs
Powertrain options are unsurprisingly limited to what’s available on the CX-90. Mazda’s fresh turbocharged 3.3-liter inline-six engine is the standard heart, available in a choice of outputs. Operating on the expectation that official outputs will match the CX-90, the standard CX-70 should haul kayaks and conquer winery parking lots with 280 horsepower and 332 pounds-feet of torque, with the top Turbo S grades upping twist to 340 hp and 369 pounds-feet on premium juice. Like the CX-90, all six-cylinder CX-70s have all-wheel drive, a mild-hybrid system, and an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard.

The CX-70 plug-in hybrid drivetrain should also match the CX-90 PHEV’s, meaning the hybridized 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder is good for a combined 323 hp and 369 pounds-feet of torque, with an expected full-electric range of 26 miles on a full charge of the 17.8-kilowatt-hour battery.

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