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Reviews of Billion Toyota

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1.0 (out of 5)

Stay away all you get is lies lies lies

Reviewed by Duramax from Sioux falls sdSeptember 15, 2022

All you get is lies,lies,lies with this shady company.To start off lying Larry Mullinix lied about where a vehicle was coming from told us it had to be built yet it was at another dealer and about the price also about this protection package that it was on the paint,wheels, windshield.We had it check and they said there was nothing on the paint,wheels or windshield.Charge you 3k over msrp for this so called protection package,flashing brake light that they dont put on your vehicle but tell you it is on there (scam).Took over a month to get the title but yet there signature was done the day we bought the vehicle?? Hmmm thats called fraud saying you signed it that day if you didnt really have it in your possession and signed it at a later date seeing you told us you didnt have the title and would have to mail it to us.Told us they would mail it no longer then 2 weeks yet it was over a month and now we have to pay a late fee seeing they said we waited over a month to register it and not right away seeing they lied on the date on all there paperwork showing we got the title that day.

  • Does not recommend this dealer
  • Shopped for a new car
  • Did make a purchase

Dealer Response

We are sorry to read that your experience with us didn't go well. We apologize that Larry didn't completely explain some of the events that pertain to finding your vehicle. During these times, Toyota vehicles are very difficult to find, which explains the order out process. Although Toyota is increasing production to meet demand, Larry could have done a search for a vehicle with another Toyota dealer, but that dealer has the option of not trading with us. If we found one for you, and we could trade one vehicle for the vehicle you are wanting, we prefer that to get the customer a vehicle ASAP and not have to wait. The protection package was added, if you find there is something that is suspicious, please give us a call, we want to get it right. We are hoping that supply can finally meet demand, and we are as frustrated as you are. There are many downstream consequences to the supply, some are related to title work, which is out of our control. We have been in business for many years, and have always been able to produce the associated paperwork in a timely fashion. Unfortunately there is a back log of title processing and other issues that dealers are working on to find a solution. We are doing everything possible, these things are beyond our control at this point. Thank you for your feedback, we look at everything and take these very seriously!

Overall Facilities 1

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 1

Quality of Repair 1

Maximum rating = 5

1.0 (out of 5)

Extremely disappointed

Reviewed by Extremely disappointed from Sioux Falls, SDSeptember 06, 2022

I recently bought a hybrid from Billion Toyota Sioux Falls. Getting the car was a bit frustrating. I was given updates on when it would arrive which was GREAT buuut...the 1st arrival date came and went. The 2nd came and finally arrived two weeks AFTER set date. That in itself is not the issue. I am a business owner. I completely understand that you cannot control WHEN something will arrive. There are too many factors that are involved and too many other businesses before it gets to the final one. The sales person helping me will not be named because he was very nice and did what he could to make sure it got here according to WHEN he was told. The issue is....almost immediately I heard a clunk so contacted them to see when they could take a look at it. It is only a few weeks old. When I asked if they have a loaner vehicle for me to use while it is being looked at they said "No but we can take you home in our shuttle." As I explained that I am a business owner and I had several things that I do during any given day to run that business I NEED a vehicle. "Sorry ma'am. We don't give them out anymore because of the lack of vehicles." So I contacted the salesperson that helped me order the car to begin with and he found me a vehicle to use. Thank you for that. THEN comes the morning I drop off my car to be looked at and pick up the loaner. The loaner...in my opinion...was filthy. As a business owner I expect the vehicle I drive to be clean at all times because it represents not only who I am but also my business. I want people to know I care not only about them but also my business. I am by far the least vain person there can be but I do care about how I represent myself AND my business. The loaner car was full of hand prints and spots on ALL the windows and had mud and dirt all around it. It looked as if it had not been washed in a while and was driven on a muddy dirt road. When I asked if they would please run it through the car wash and clean it first they said they don't/won't do that but they would clean the windows for me so there wasn't a hand print in front of my face. I was dumb founded that they would care so little about their customers. I then tried to call/text the salesperson that got me the loaner as he was not there with us. I asked if they would reimburse me for a car wash. His response short and simplified...I will just pick up the loaner and you can be without a car. Really? So instead of just cleaning the vehicle like you should do anyway, you are going to basically tell the customer "F..k you" and pick it up so they now CAN"T go to their appointments or take care of their other responsibilities? Needless to say....I will be trying my hardest to find someone else to take my car to for warranty issues because something tells me they will not be able to figure out what the clunking sound is. AND they don't seem to care about their customers or how they represent themselves. The service/caring about their customers was/is so subpar and disappointing.

  • Does not recommend this dealer
  • Came in for service or repair
  • Did make a purchase

Dealer Response

We apologize in reference to your recent experience with us. Our dealership is known for it's outstanding customer service, including after the sale. Our general manager has been sent your review, and will address this ASAP! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

Overall Facilities N/A

Customer Service 1

Buying Process N/A

Quality of Repair N/A

Maximum rating = 5

1.0 (out of 5)


Reviewed by Trish Johnson from Sioux city April 11, 2022

Nightmare. It is a nightmare. Salesmen misinformed about the valpro package I purchased, sent me to my local dealership with no appointment, so took 2 days to clean and seal my only car. Tires were bad and windshield wipers were shredded. Car had less than 13000 miles so I did not go over it with fine tooth comb. He said it was certified. They took my car back to SF to replace tires. They did 2, and fixed a couple dings. They had it 2 days for this as well. Then 4 days later I'm going down the road and my cruise control disengages. I have an error on the dash to see my service dept at the dealership, the ICS system has failed. I haven't even put plates on this car yet or made the 1st payment! I have had it 2 weeks and more miles have been put on it to get it up to par than I have driven for my own personal use! I would not suggest anyone buy a car here.

  • Does not recommend this dealer
  • Shopped for a used car
  • Did make a purchase

Dealer Response

Trish, Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback. We agree with you that the tires and windshield wipers should have been in great condition, we apologize that these items were not in perfect condition for you. We understand your frustration and inconvenience through it all, we apologize for this.

Overall Facilities 2

Customer Service 2

Buying Process 2

Quality of Repair 2

Maximum rating = 5

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