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45 Winsted Rd
Torrington, CT 06790

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Reviews of Center Subaru

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3.6 (out of 5)

11 out of 17 people said they would recommend this dealer

2 (out of 5)

Rude, and undermining

Reviewed by Jon in Torrington, ConnecticutFebruary 17, 2021

I was in need of a vehicle to commute to and from work in. I chose to Center Subaru even though I was told by more than a few of my wife’s co-workers who bought Subaru’s or had dealings with center Subaru to stay away, far away... go anywhere else. Against their advice.. I went to support local in town business and not every persons experience is the same.. “give ‘em a shot, no?” When I arrived, I started to walk around looking at the different models. It was freezing out! .. Rob came out to meet me and we went inside to talk. I explained that I was looking for a small car that would accommodate compact parking. I mentioned “legacy” because of what I can remember, they seemed small. I think there is something wrong with Rob. Mentally. Every time I asked to see a certain car he brought up a different car. I was actually a bit hilarious (in a not so favorable way) I asked to see an Impreza, he brought up a legacy. I asked to see the forester, he brought up a Impreza I left to pick up my wife because she was interested in possibly leasing a Forester. We get there and Rob comes out and he is SHOWING my wife a forester that is parked near the showroom. It was locked, Rob went inside to get the keys... Rob came out after a WHILE with the wrong keys, we were like this is a circus!, (by the way this same thing happened to me MULTIPLE times when I was dealing with Rob emailer) So, remember now, my wife was looking to see and test drive a forester, wouldn’t you know? Rob pulls up in a decked out OUTBACK! LOL my wife and I are looking at each other like “does this guy got corn in his ears or what!” Embarrassing, and somewhat insulting... Needless to say my wife never got to test drive the forester, but still she was willing to continue on. I went back the next day. Before we get started, I ask Rob .. “can I test drive the Impreza hatchback” Guess what Rob drives up in? You guessed it, the Crosstrek! LOL. You’ve got to be kidding me! NEVER TOLD ME that the Impreza hatchback was sold but never even offered to bring me a different one up. “Stupid” Ok I’m the dummy for continuing , but I took it for a test drive. I admit I liked it. After speaking with my wife on the phone, she swings by and we are talking with Rob again about working up a deal... My wife and I both decide that we will buy one forester sport and one forester limited despite this puppet act with Rob. The numbers come back and naturally they are high... The story gets worse here... I ask what they are charging me for the Forester Sport, $31000 I thought there could be a better offer out there so we called around and found one without even leaving our home.. Not only that we got it in writing! I explain to Rob that his offer is high and said w received a better offer and can he match it because we have a lot of time invested and want to be respectful, people of our word. Rob told me with a condescending attitude “if that dealer wants to give you almost $4000 off a brand new forester then enjoy your tip to Massachusetts” Bottom line is, Rob barely listened to our wants, brought up vehicles we never asked to see, never showed us the ones we wanted to see. Rob didn’t have ANY idea the difference in vehicle dimensions sizes especially when it was critical to my reason for purchase. FYI Rob, Legacy, Impreza Sedan, Forester and Crosstrek are all with in 1 inch to 2 inches in width of one another and only one had a noticeable difference in length (Crosstrek at 8” shorter then them all) Point is I thought Id rely on the “professional” to know. Rob told me otherwise.. Anyway... sometimes bad experiences are good experiences. I am not saying Center Subaru is garbage but from what I was told, the word on the street was fitting in this case. I am sure there are far better sales people than Rob there. Joe needs to do a better job in the training /hiring Rob should be flat out let go!!

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 1

Quality of Repair N/A

Overall Facilities 3

Maximum rating = 5

5 (out of 5)

Anthony DeNapoli

Reviewed by Anthony DeNapoli in BloomfieldJuly 08, 2020

I had a great experience at Center Subaru with the service department.The service advisor Xylina Soto help me with providing me with a loaner car without an appointment to attend to serving my 2018 Subaru outback. Thank You Anthony DeNapoli

Customer Service 5

Buying Process 5

Quality of Repair 5

Overall Facilities 5

Maximum rating = 5

3 (out of 5)

Review update

Reviewed by Larry in Manchester, CTMay 04, 2012

I am writing g this review to update our initial experience with this dealership. I had purchased a low mileage 2006 Outback in what looked to be excellent condition. As time passed the car went back several times for repairs, front brakes, a scraping noise from the front end on sharp turns, and most importantly a foul odor in the car. Throughout this process our salesman always remained cool collected and very personable. The odor continued to return after each of the three cleanings. The last involved replacing the carpet and cleaning the floor where a spill of some sort had settled. Again the odor returned. Since having a kidney transplant I have to be extremely careful of mold mildew and other bacteria. So after further discussion, the sales manager agreed to take the car back and exchange it for another. We finally agreed on a 2010 Legacy Premium which my wife now drives and likes very much. I, in turn, have inherited her 2007 Outback and we are both happy now. I believe that our experience is a rare one revolving around a car that should have been wholesaled from the start rather than sold. We saw many customers at this dealership that appeared to be like family so, I believe that we were the exception the rule and, in the end they made everything right. Would I recommend this dealership? Yes but, as with any used car at any dealership, check it over thoroughly.

Customer Service 4

Buying Process 5

Quality of Repair 5

Overall Facilities 5

Maximum rating = 5

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