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13875 SW Tualatin Valley Highway
Beaverton, OR 97005

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Sales: 503-213-9490

Used Cars: 503-213-9490

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Reviews of Porsche Beaverton

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3 (out of 5)

8 out of 17 people said they would recommend this dealer

1 (out of 5)

Three Strikes Porsche Beaverton Service OUT!

Reviewed by PorscheFun in Beaverton, OregonOctober 23, 2020

Wow! I am shocked to see Porsche Beaverton with a 4.9 score! Strike 1 (11/2018): 20K prepaid Porsche Maintenance agreement. Service tech did not reset the vehicle service reminder. I went back to have them reset it. Not only was I received poorly, by the Service Advisor, but the person that "fixed" the problem took over 45 minutes and was not a very polite or happy person! Ok, everyone is entitled to a bad day, but why do I have to return for an unfinished 20k service on my Porsche? Strike 2 (4/2019): Transfer case was changed under Porsche Warranty. When I drove the vehicle home, the brakes make a miserable sound as soon as I left the dealership. I called and was told to bring the vehicle in the next day. I took the service tech out for a test drive and he said that he never had that problem before. Turned out he had not installed the heat shield correctly and it was rubbing on the chassis, Why do I have to return for an unfinished service on my Porsche, again? Strike 3 (10/2020): Vehicle in for a 40K prepaid Porsche maintenance agreement. Service Advisor called when the vehicle was due to be picked up. She says I need four (4) new tires and an alignment. I told her that I have a shop that does my tires. She says the vehicle won't be ready until the next day, can they deliver it to my house? Sure, why not...vehicle dropped off the next day at my house. I pulled it in the garage. Interesting note...Invoice says that the right rear tire was punctured during a test drive. Tech repaired it. Funny, the service advisor never mentioned a puncture. Vehicle sat in the garage for 7 days. The "repaired" tire was 6 psi down. I took the vehicle to my local tire shop for repair. They pull out the locking lug nut key and show me it had been stripped. They can't remove any tires. I return to Porsche Beaverton and show Ian the stripped key. He says that the service tech would not have used the stripped key, because he has a master key. He consulted a service tech, then told me there is no "master" for that locking lug nut. He can order a new "key" from Porsche of Germany, but can't tell me when it would arrive. Really? How long is my vehicle going to be out because Porsche Beaverton Tech stripped my lug nut key? What id*ot does that? Sorry, but I don't call that good customer service for my Porsche. I called another Porsche Dealership service departments 200 miles away (400 miles round trip). Porsche Bellevue (Washington) says they can fix my problem. I arrive the next day and the Service Advisor (NOT a Service Tech) was able to remove all four locking lug bolts and replace them with new ones in under 15 minutes, while my Porsche was sitting in the vehicle check in area. My cost...$129 for four new locking lug bolts and key!!! NO Service charge!!! That is what I call 5 ***** Star Customer Service!!! Guess which dealership is getting my business from now on!!! I returned home (200 miles), watching my TPMS to make sure that I have enough tire pressure. I took the vehicle back to my favorite tire shop and they pull the tire to see where the leak is. Lucky me, the Porsche Beaverton service tech repaired one hole, but forgot to check for a second one. The second hole gets repaired and is still holding pressure three weeks later. Now, why do I say "lucky me"? Well, without the second hole my wife and I would have been driving a vehicle with a stripped lug nut key and no way to change a flat tire!!! We use the vehicle to travel to places where the nearest Porsche dealership is hundreds of miles in any direction. I have owned Porsches since 2014. All my Porsches have been serviced every year at Porsche Bend (Oregon). Porsche Bend is 400 miles round trip from my home. I have never had to return to Bend for a service that was not completed properly. Unfortunately, Porsche Beaverton (which is 5 miles from my home) is 0 for 3 for properly completed services.

Customer Service 1

Buying Process N/A

Quality of Repair 1

Overall Facilities N/A

Maximum rating = 5

5 (out of 5)


Reviewed by Peter Young in Beaverton, ORJuly 24, 2018

I am writing to retract my previous post regarding Sunset Imports, also known as Porsche Beaverton. After writing about my experience with this dealership last month, I received a call from Peter Young, the Operations Director at Sunset Imports. Peter is in charge of operations for the dealership and Kyle McLean and Larry Wendell’s boss. Unlike Larry and Kyle, Peter immediately acknowledged my issues and admitted the dealership made a mistake in the way my issues were handled by his General Manager, Larry Wendell. Peter listened to the recordings of the phone conversations between me and the dealership, read the emails between us and quickly realized the dealership did not manage this situation properly. Clearly my negative impressions of Porsche Beaverton were the work of one man, Larry Wendell and his actions do not reflect either the staff nor the organization at Porsche Beaverton. After discussing this issue with Peter at length, it appears there was an honest mistake made and as such, Peter was anxious and willing to resolve this to my satisfaction. Even his salesperson Kyle McLean, was likely only following orders from his boss Larry, and was not responsible for how this issue was handled. Mr. Young and I have come to a fair and reasonable agreement regarding the vehicle I purchased from them, and I am 100% satisfied with the resolution. I commend the actions of Peter Young and appreciate his honesty and integrity in dealing with this matter. While I would still recommend avoiding Larry Wendell at all costs, I highly recommend Peter Young and the rest of the folks at Porsche Beaverton. One bad apple does not in fact spoil the whole barrel. I intend to give this dealership all my business in the future, thanks to the efforts and actions of Peter Young. I hope ownership recognizes the outstanding effort of Peter Young in working to resolve this issue. If I were the owner of Porsche Beaverton, Peter would receive a raise and a promotion. This was a very stressful and difficult situation for me and my wife which could have spiraled out of control. Peter did everything in his power to resolve my issues and make it right. He did so quickly and properly with professionalism. Peter you are a good and honorable guy and a pleasure to work with. Thank you again. I wish you and Porsche Beaverton all the best.

Customer Service 5

Buying Process 5

Quality of Repair 5

Overall Facilities 5

Maximum rating = 5

4 (out of 5)

Good Dealership

Reviewed by Cone Killer in Portland ORSeptember 15, 2012

People actually knew what they were talking about, good experience

Customer Service 4

Buying Process 4

Quality of Repair 4

Overall Facilities 3

Maximum rating = 5

About Porsche Beaverton

Porsche Beaverton is the Portland area's new and used Porsche Dealer. Porsche Beaverton has been Portland, Oregon's local Porsche dealership since 1980. We offer a large selection of vehicles including new, used, certified preowned, and preowned cars. Porsche Beaverton not only offers luxury vehicles for sale, we also offer service on your Porsche by certified technicians, as well as genuine parts and accessories for your vehicle. Porsche Beaverton is proud to be able to offer our valued clients and their vehicles luxurious and certified service, sales, and parts.

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