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Lubbock, TX 79424

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Reviews of McGavock Nissan Lubbock

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Overall Rating:

4.2 (out of 5)

21 out of 24 people said they would recommend this dealer

1 (out of 5)

Client relations nightmare - TOTAL WASTE OF TIME

Reviewed by BW in GeorgiaApril 23, 2021

McGavock Nissan was an absolute nightmare to work with. I reached out to McGavock through their online inquiry form. Two days passed with no communication. I decided to call and speak to a rep directly and got Leslie Palacios. She was most helpful in getting all of the information together that I had requested. That is, until the time came that I decided I would buy the vehicle. Apparently, McGavock Nissan is the first dealer in the history of earth to refuse to take a deposit to hold a vehicle for a day or two while a prospective buyer gets funds squared away for wiring, supposedly due to some policy change "related to Covid" (this is malarkey, by the way). This process takes about a day. McGavock was assured and provided evidence that the funds would be available the next morning and it was made explicitly clear that I was ready to buy. Send the paperwork, send the wire instructions, and take a deposit if needed. They refused to do any of the above. They would not take my money, and more than likely because they would prefer to get kickbacks by having someone walk in off the street and finance through them. And yes folks, dealers get kickbacks through financing, service contracts, etc. Dealers can and do manipulate rates within a range banks provide to them. They will gouge you if they think you're good for it and it's clear that McGavock would rather have the opportunity to do this versus working with an out-of-state buyer paying cash. I quite literally did all of the work on my end getting funds in order and setting up shipping, only to have McGavock act in bad faith. To be quite honest, this is not a dealer that deserves my business and, if you're reading this, they probably don't deserve yours, either. If they handle client relations this poorly out of the gate, imagine what they will do after the sale. I have NEVER encountered a dealer so unwilling to work with a customer to make a deal work. This is not an operation that conducts business with integrity and if you're in the market, you should think long and hard before doing business with them. UPDATE: Wow......hard to believe this experience could get any worse, but apparently if you issue McGavock a challenge to do worse, they go straight to "Barney Stinson" mode. It was clear that my sales rep, Leslie, had been instructed to cease communication with me midway through the day yesterday all because I was asking them to hold a vehicle on a deposit for A DAY. So I decided to call and speak with someone at the dealership on my way home and see if we could get things worked out. Enter Will Hockett: Possibly the single worst candidate for employment in a customer-facing role of any kind. Will answers and I briefly explain why I'm calling. I voice my bewilderment that they are unable to do what pretty much any other reputable dealer in the country can and has done for decades, but if the truck is available and he will send me the wire instructions, we can work it out. His response: "Well, that's our policy." Just know, Will is a "POLICY guy." I bluntly replied that "that may be your policy, but your policy is stupid." Will's response.....CLICK. WOW. I call again and he informs me they don't want my business and threatens to report me to "the authorities" for "harassment" if I call again. conference me in on that phone call when you make it because I could use (another) good laugh. Bottom line, if you're looking at their inventory from any distance, they will offer no assurances to you that the vehicle will be available when you get there without you wiring the FULL PURCHASE PRICE in advance. No deposits. There was no guarantee that they would not have the truck sold by the time my wired funds settled, putting thousands of dollars in their pocket with ZERO recourse. I offered them an opportunity to make things right and they doubled down on stupid. This dealer. And guess what....they have no issue with taking a deposit to hold. Imagine that.

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 1

Quality of Repair N/A

Overall Facilities N/A

Maximum rating = 5

1 (out of 5)

Lies upon lies

Reviewed by Ignored in Lubbock, TXJanuary 29, 2021

Dealership will make promises they don’t keep and will waste your time. Their MO is to lie to your face and then ignore you. Vehicle has been in shop twice in less than a month and needs to go back in. Disastrous experience. Worst car buying experience I’ve ever had and I buy lots of cars. I could go on and on. I’ve tried contacting Steve, dealer owner, multiple times to no avail. Cannot wait to get rid of this vehicle I’ve owned less than a month! Odometer Paperwork was wrong and still not corrected. Tire needs replaced. Was told they would put a new one on and even took it in to for this. When I picked it up 2 days later, tire had not been touched. First time I picked the vehicle up, had 3 flat tires. Was told rental was ready for me when I got there only to show up and they had no idea where it was. When they found it, I had to wait for them to put gas in it. Checkout process took over 3 hours. Nothing positive about this experience whatsoever.

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 1

Quality of Repair 1

Overall Facilities 1

Maximum rating = 5

3 (out of 5)

I’m not a dealer ,and I’m not employed by a dealer

Reviewed by Veronica Gonmez in Post TXDecember 10, 2018

The service was excellent , they Ofer me the best deal, Im so hoppy whit my new Nissan Murano 2018 Platium thank you very much.

Customer Service 5

Buying Process 5

Quality of Repair 5

Overall Facilities 5

Maximum rating = 5

About McGavock Nissan Lubbock

Our Nissan dealership is glad to have served West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and the Texas Panhandle for the past 40 years. We have a legacy of delivering excellence and have been awarded the exclusive Nissan's Circle of Excellence Award eight times. Only 50 dealerships won this award in 2016.

Visit us and treat yourself to exploring our premier variety of used cars in Lubbock, TX. Lubbock is home to a great and thriving local music scene that is also the birthplace of music legend, Buddy Holly.

We are dedicated to delivering to you the exceptional customer service, experienced staff and a premier service and parts department. Definitely check out our financing options and feel free to schedule a service appointment at your convenience. Our committed staff works hard to give you the most extraordinary customer service experience that you deserve.

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