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Find The Used Car Trade In Value from Black Book

(Sep 23, 2018)

Knowing your used car's trade in value before you visit your new car dealer is essential. If you don't know how the industry appraises cars, you won't be able to effectively negotiate your trade in credit on your new car. So use the Black Book Appraisal form and be sure you’re totally honest when indicating the condition of your trade-in. You'll get a fair estimate of your used car value that you’ll be able to take to the dealer.Black Book Appraisals for Used Cars
Black Book vs. Kelley Blue Book: Which Is Best?
Typically, dealers use Black Book to price the used cars they take in trade and Kelley Blue Book for pricing the used cars they sell. Black Book is the research tool that banks, car wholesalers, and dealers rely on when they buy a trade-in.
Black Book is considered authoritative for wholesale/trade-in pricing for several reasons:
  • Black Book gets valuation data from all major used car auctions, not just car dealerships
  • Black Book prices are updated every day instead of once a month
  • Black Book’s pricing is region-specific
  • Almost every car dealer uses Black Book
So, to get a realistic estimate of what your new car dealer will give you for your trade-in, use the Black Book Appraisal tool. Print out the formal Black Book Appraisal form along with the Internet price quote you got for the new car you’re interested in. Show both documents to the dealership. You’ll get a great price on a new car and a fair value for your old car.
Note: The price range shown on your final Black Book Appraisal form is a guideline. The dealer will confirm a final price for your car based on their analysis of market conditions and vehicle condition.

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