New 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Reviews

New 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43

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Understated and Underrated...

Reviewed by AW
August 14, 2019

My C43 convertible goes GREAT in the snow, the top comes down in the summer, the exhaust is perfectly pitched. The tech is good, and the driving dynamics for around town or the highway are perfect. Not sure why some professional reviewers called it a harsh ride either. It feels potholes like any other car in its class - and stays straight. But it's not harsh at all. Maybe they compared it a GLC 300 or old Caddy. The head-up display is modern and easy to read for all of the steering wheel media outputs. The interior is way better than the model before it. Recommend the red leather seats and carbon kits. And for the first time in my life, I was in a car that actually prevented a crash. A person in the car in front of me STOPPED while merging into traffic (even though there was a merge lane for about a half a mile), I looked to the left to see traffic, and the car stopped me short of his bumper all on its own. Never experienced that, but now will not buy a car without it. And it's fast at 4.1 sec's to 60! Very underrated car.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Previous 2017 C43 Owner Current 2019 C43 Owner

Reviewed by hatata
August 12, 2019

I drove the 2017 C43 for about 2 years and change. I sold it to upgrade to the 2019 C43 since I loved the car so much. The main draw for upgrading was the face lift that was quite significant. The amount of technology included in the vehicle makes this the most engrossing and complete C class ever made. So much technology to configure and play with. A buttload of telemetry data can be yours. The outside and interior styling is 100% AMG. It basically looks 95% like last years C63s. The vehicle now cannot be mistaken for a C300 its an AMG through and through. The reason I gave it a low reliability score is if you're going to own this car BUY THE TIRE AND RIM Warranty. The wheels are very sensitive to pot holes and will be destroyed. Prepare your bank account or plan ahead. Even though thats a bit of a pain especially on my 2017 where I was not insured on the wheels and tires I loved the car.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Great new C43 for my wife.

Reviewed by Quai Noi
February 16, 2019

This is the 7th Mercedes I’ve purchased. I purchased this one to replace my wife’s beautiful 2016 E350 Sport. I wanted a replacement to her E350 that wouldn’t be a downgrade and if possible was better. I looked at the new E300, E450, & CLA45. In short: the E300 cost more, had a tiny 4 cylinder and cost a ton to bring it up to the level of her old E350. The E450 was great but it was just very expensive. The CLA45 except for its engine and possibly transmission is made by Nissan for Mercedes. Some may quibble about the new C43’s Engine not being made in Affalterbach by one guy. But it pumps out 385HP and 384 ft lbs of torque mated to a 9 speed AMG transmission. We live in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California in the SF Bay Area. Anyone familiar with the area knows that our daily commute is both fun as well as challenging. Nothing is close by and owning to the weather, occasional road hazards and unpredictable conditions. You need both comfort (luxury) and performance (power and handling). Defensive driving up here is required. The little C43 is just a dream. Right after we bought it we were hit with the heaviest snow/sleet we’ve had in 15 years in our areas. The new “Slippery Mode” and 4MATIC really proved their value even with the stock summer tires. Rain traction and handling was good even on HWY 9. The new intelligent headlights are perfect for night driving in the mountains helping a lot with the rain and fog. We love the updates interior especially the new controls, AMG steering wheel and multi-contour seats (we avoided the AMG performance seats as they suck. It’s like sitting on a jerking board wrapped in a Kleenex). The 19” wheels price their worth immediately on twisting roads and under challenging conditions. The AMG suspension is spectacular. The updated engine is just perfect for this vehicle and a great update over last year’s C43. The exhaust notes are really the best they’ve ever been in this model.Leather is a MUST for us too. All in all the 2019 C43 is a lot more car than you paid for. We drive our cars in a spirtited fashion and that’s what our daily commute really requires. The C43 feels like it was custom built to our needs. I’d avoided the C43 in the past because it just felt too rough. It had a good price point but failed to deliver enough comfort and luxury along with its performance. The older model exhaust notes weren’t pleasant and had an unappealing metallic note.the old interior sounded loud to me and that made it feel small and cold. The one I test drove also had the AMG performance seats and they were thinly padded and uncomfortable even after a few minutes. Nearly every YouTube reviewer will tell you the same about those seats. The older C43 has more of a sleeper style too. Now that said the new one looks slightly more like an AMG and is attractive but still looks like a normal C300 from the front to the casual observer. The rear and sides of the 2019 C43 tells you exactly what you’re dealing with. The cabin is well appointed and luxurious. Behind the wheel you the C43 serves up plenty of confidence and performance. It’s impossible not to enjoy this car. The other thing is that it’s shockingly efficient and cheap to operate. It’s more fuel efficient than her E350 and is averaging 24mpg on a daily commute involving mountains and city driving. The insurance on this car is about exactly the same as in her EClass. Over all the C43 is the sweet spot I think for 4 door performance sedans in the Mercedes line up. It is better overall than the CLA45. It’s also cheaper and more practical than the extremely fun, but higher TCO C63.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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