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2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport


City 21 MPG Hwy 25 MPG

Safety Rating

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Overall Rating:
4.3 (out of 5)
Value 4.3
Exterior 4.7
Interior 4.3
Comfort 4.3
Performance 4.4
Reliability 4.3

by YIKES from Cincinnati, Ohio | February 20, 2020

I am currently in a 39 month lease, 24 months into the lease, and for the most part have thoroughly enjoyed this car. love the way it looks and drives and I feel safe and confident driving this car in all types of weather, rainy, icy, snowy - no problems to speak of. However, I am not confident in the braking assist feature. I am definitely an alert driver and have rarely if ever needed to rely on this feature so I cannot speak to its normal effectiveness, but I was recently involved in a deer related accident. Literally out of nowhere tWo or three deer came sprinting out of a wooded area across a four lane road. The road was not lit in this short span of mostly business lit roadway (45 mph)and there was oddly very little traffic on what is normally super busy so I did not turn on my bright lights. I was traveling at between 45-50 mph. Luckily, I caught the glimmer of my headlights in the first deer’s eyes in the two lanes to my left and applied my brakes quickly with zero notice of any ”assist”, clearing the first but not sure whether I hit or the second deer hit the left front corner of my car. Both myself and my front seat passenger had on our seatbelts and other than surprised were perfectly safe and unharmed. The deer unfortunately, not so much. I was able to drive forward and out of traffic to check the damage. Two plastic pieces of trim were sticking out ( one from wheel well and one from front bumper), I was able to basically snap off both pieces and throw in my trunk. My left headlight was smashed but working, my left front side fender was dented in, as well as, the front grill and the very front of the hood but did not impede driving, there were no liquids leaking, and the dash showed no warning signs so I notified the police of the accident and was able to drive away. Approximately 5 to 6 blocks further my coolant level light came on so I knew to stop driving as quickly as possible. Luckily, my home was only an additional couple of blocks away and I got home safely. I have great insurance coverage ($500 deductible) and had my car towed to a very reputable body shop since the Land Rover dealership does not handle any body work. All sounds pretty good, right? That’s what I thought. It has now been over 7 weeks with no car! Still waiting for the headlight to be delivered to the auto body shop! I have been in constant contact with them and availability of parts are pretty much non existent in the United States. Ridiculous! And according to the auto body shop owner Land Rover dealership pretty much washes their hands of helping with any part of the repair process. So drive safe and super alert! Being that this accident was 100% out of my control ( this is the ONLY auto accident I have EVER been involved in - knock on wood!) I am extremely aggravated with Land Rovers assistance!

Love this Land Rover Discovery Sport

by Rover fan from Eastern TN | December 28, 2019

Sharp exterior looks, roomy inside, comfortable 12 way seats, peppy 2.0l turbo, ample rear seat legroom and cargo space, great warranty and tons of features. Drawbacks: Infotainment center needs upgrading as it's slow to respond sometimes. Other than that, it's a solid suv that is both stylish and has the off road ability Land Rover's are famous for..

Terrible Car!

by Heli12CMC from Pocahontas, AR | October 01, 2019

This is the worst car I have ever owned. Just a couple of months after purchasing, the check engine light came on and the Land Rover app indicated that this was due to a deficiency in the engine emissions system. After taking my car to the dealership, they reset the light and told me that the software needed to be updated. It was not a week later that the check engine light came on and continued to indicate that this was an emissions failure. The light would sporadically come on and then go off. I would make appointments with Land Rover to have it looked into and it was continuously unfounded. The car began having a metal-grinding noise coming from the engine at times when I would try to accelerate, like onto an interstate ramp, for example. This was also sporadic and Land Rover was “unable to detect” any deficiencies. Currently, my Land Rover has been in the shop for a month after being towed off the interstate to the dealership. In addition to the mechanical difficulties, the discovery sport is terribly uncomfortable to drive. The seats are quite hard and awkwardly situated to the steering wheel. It has adequate storage in the back cargo space, but the back seat is not what I would consider spacious. The exterior looks nice and sporty, but the unreliability of this car negates any positives that a potential buyer could find. Save yourself the hassle! Do not purchase the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport!

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2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport Overview

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport is a compact luxury SUV that seats up to seven passengers across three rows. It is powered by a 240-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. It competes with the Acura RDX, BMW X3, and Audi Q5.