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8620 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21043

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Reviews of O'Donnell Honda

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4.2 (out of 5)

77 out of 94 people said they would recommend this dealer

1 (out of 5)

19 Pilot - Won't Start

Reviewed by S Bowie in Hanover, MDApril 12, 2021

Purchased a 19 Pilot in Fall of 19. August '20 started to have issues with it starting. It spent most of September in the shop to get fixed, constantly being told they can not duplicate the problem. My husband and I would go up, problem was duplicated and a new battery was installed. The problem continued to happen for a few more weeks and back in shop constantly, on two occasions I went to pick it up and ended up leaving the keys with them- vehicle did not start. I went over to the sales lot with O'Donnell employees and started vehicles on the lot, the brake goes down immediately and starts like it should. We have several other Honda's in our family and not a single issue with them. After calls to Corporate, the break booster was replaced. Fast forward to March '21, vehicle is not starting again. Spent 8 days in shop to be told it starts up every single time for them, no problem. I go up in person to meet with the Tech and Manger. The tech called out so I was waiting around until the Advisor finally came out to start the our Pilot with me, yes we duplicated the problem again. They agreed to install a new ignition switch. I go to pick it up two days later, vehicle does not start. I get told, well just take it home and we will call you tomorrow we need to reach out to our Rep for guidance. Unfortunately I had already handed back the keys to the loaner (which was a fight to get). Next day comes and goes, no call. 6 business days later, calls, voice mails- no one calls back. Finally the switchboard operator and calling from a different number, I get an advisor to help make an appointment. However they will not provide a loaner. As someone who's been in customer service industry, there is no reason for lack of return calls or fulfilling a customers needs so their vehicle starts every day. Makes you wonder if they ever did troubleshooting the entire time they had it. You should not need to use remote start to start a vehicle. We recorded videos both Fall '20 and Spring '21 of the Pilot starting issue, shared with the team and get told they can't take the videos as word to get the problem fixed since it's not happening to them.

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 4

Quality of Repair 1

Overall Facilities 1

Maximum rating = 5

1 (out of 5)


Reviewed by disappointedinhonda in Ellicott city, MDMarch 23, 2021

O'Donnell Honda Mar 23, 2021 disappointedinhonda "Bottom line is: Do not take your Honda or any other..." Bottom line is: Do not take your Honda or any other vehicle to this dealership for service, ever! They are completely inept at troubleshooting a problem, and do not listen to anything you may tell them about the problem. My first mistake was buying a Honda, my bad, and my second mistake was buying it from this dealership, but that's another story. I took my 2016 Honda Pilot (BTW, these vehicles suck!), in for a check engine light issue and get this, I couldn't put any gas in the tank! I had run ODB2 diagnostics which showed I had a leak in the EVAP emissions system. I had already replaced the EVAP Purge Valve, the cap-less gas cap and even used a fiber optic camera to look into the gas tank fill pipe, to see if there were any obstructions preventing me from filling the gas tank. There was something in the line, which I identified to the service manager. When I dropped off the car using their after-hours drop-off, they didn't even have any forms available so a person could write down what was wrong or an envelope to leave the work order request and your keys. Class act! Once they called me next day to discuss the problem, I told them about the error codes and the object in the fuel line. I asked if it could be a fuel filter I was seeing or really an obstruction. The service manager says, we don't know, we'll check it out. It's a Honda - how could they NOT know?! There is either supposed to be something there or not. Later that day, the service manager calls me and says 1. they have no idea what the issue is, 2. they called Honda corporate and they didn't know what was wrong and 3. whatever it was would be very expensive to repair. Nice so far, right? They finally tell me, we'll start with replacing the fuel filler neck, yeah, that area where I asked them if there was a blockage in the line. Next day, they get in a new fuel filler neck and replace it. Once the old part is off, they determine, oh yeah, hey, there is something stuck here in the neck of the filler neck, which caused the check engine light and was preventing me from being able to put gas in the tank. Wow, imagine that?! They never even tried to see if this was a possible problem, despite me telling them about it. All they do is swap parts until they fix it, or your wallet is empty, whichever comes first. Again, bottom line is avoid this dealership at all costs, they have no idea what they are doing, with the possible exception of knowing how best to transfer money from your wallet and into theirs. P.S. the only reason I gave O'Donnell Honda one (1) star in the categories below is because the review won't let you post without providing at least one star, otherwise it would be no stars across the board.

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 1

Quality of Repair 1

Overall Facilities 1

Maximum rating = 5

5 (out of 5)

Shayne Wilson at O'Donnell Honda

Reviewed by Barbara in Westminster, MDApril 09, 2015

My husband and I bought our CRV from salesman Shayne Wilson and O'Donnell Honda ! Shayne was patient with our many questions, and after we made our decision, gave us a thorough briefing on the characteristics, capabilities and features of our new vehicle. We had a great experience with Shayne and the entire dealership. We have been back for our scheduled maintenance and their service department did a great job also.

Customer Service 5

Buying Process 5

Quality of Repair N/A

Overall Facilities 5

Maximum rating = 5

About O'Donnell Honda

O'Donnell Honda is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Baltimore-Washington-Metropolitan-Area for over 40 years. Since our first day in business, it has been our number one priority to treat our customers with the utmost respect. With our laid back and low pressure approach to sales and service, we are able to satisfy our customers' vehicle needs without the typical stress involved with purchasing and servicing a vehicle.

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