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2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


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Overall Rating:
4.8 (out of 5)
Value 4.2
Exterior 4.5
Interior 4.5
Comfort 4.8
Performance 4.6
Reliability 4.6
Perfect car, but wish it was roomier

by MomCat from Southeastern US | September 17, 2019

COMFY, COMFY, COMFY! The light grey with turquoise trim leather seats are absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the seat fan blowing up my back - What a Great Idea, especially here in the hot South! I bought CarTrend custom seat covers and they fit like a glove so once seated, it is truly lovely to drive/ride, and I don't worry about kids messing up seats. (Other custom seat cover companies don't get the fit right and don't have patterns for the Hybrids; I returned some.) The car does have some drawbacks, though. A 5'6" woman has difficulty getting in without bumping her head. Not great. And the driver's seat barely moves back just enough, so taller people may find it challenging to drive. I have the Platinum version with largest engine and the POWER is fantastic (although not enough for a tow package - not available). I shopped for a year to replace my big-engine 2001 GMC Savana and adore the Savana's "playroom" space and towing capabilities. I miss that, but GM no longer makes big cushy 7-passenger vans with 4 captain chairs, like mine (pity) and GM has lost so much reputation pushing too much part manufacturing/assembly out of the USA (and far too much in China). Besides, I can run to nearby stores and back in my PaciHy using nothing but electric battery - 33 miles! And gas use is quite efficient, too! Shopping for a year, I was able to decide exactly what I wanted and compared new vehicle window stickers online to find it - a mere 166 miles away - not that far for a vehicle I hope to also keep 18+ years. I do, however, fret about the day I have to replace its electric battery for $2K+ - oWell... Kids like Savana's "playroom" space, but they love the massive video screens that flip up behind the PaciHybrid's front seats. DVDs load faster than Blu-rays, but both play well, and I play my own tunes from a thumb drive while charging my phone (on the 2nd USB port - pretty fantastic). I don't care for its Navigator, though - it's too often not good at finding known destinations nor the best routes to them, so I stash my Garmin in the drawer. Further, using the Navigator means the nice big front screen is consumed with mapping; I can't simultaneously use it for radio, media tunes, movies, interior temp/fan settings, or the dozens of other apps (I don't even know how many) that I haven't even explored yet (I mean, I've only had the car 18 months... yeah, i know - long enough). But the car is complicated with all the bells and whistles. I suppose the most frustrating part is not being able to read the 614-page owner's manual on the front screen while the car is in motion. I arranged for someone else to drive on a 240-mile trip so I could do just that and learned this the hard way. I've also not been able to yet get the manual PDF file on a tablet (working on that). Some of the things you read about in the manual are things you immediately want to try and that's impossible at your desktop. My 15" 2-in-1 laptop is small, but not small enough to use comfortably in this car to peruse the manual (the car is just not that spacious). But the manual PDF file is also too detailed to view with a smartphone (you can't read the narrative and reference the tiny diagrams without losing train of thought scrolling back/forth, up/down and pinching in/out). I finally decided I'll just print the huge manual as efficiently as I can format it. Nevertheless, I am enjoying this car! I've made several out-of-state trips with family and friends, including little kids and everyone mentions how nice, comfy, and just pretty it is - and perfect for us. If you're interested, go look at one and get it demo'd for you. There are far too many cool features to mention here or in any review. Even now knowing the drawbacks, I would buy it again.

Best minivan for the buck!

by Fwstable from Torrance, CA | September 08, 2019

How can you not love the fact that it can use electricity for 30 miles or gasoline. It lacks some features I would expect from their top of the line model. Overall excellent car and the car grows on you. My kids love it!!

Its as good as people say it is

by desertnorm from bermuda dunes, ca | September 03, 2019

I've always looked for value for my money...my current 2008 Caravan sits at about 250,000 miles and was purchased when Chrysler was in real trouble...has a lifetime powertrain warranty so my thought was to drive it into the ground yet it's still going strong. I decided to look for a Pacifica because dealers have them piling up...just wanted a good basic van like my 2008. Never considered having a hybrid model. When I started shopping I found there are many 2018 Hybrids around so my "value" streak got the best of me. Gas in Southern California will never be cheap ever again..they tax-tax-tax everything. They now have an extra tax on full electric cars at DMV! So after taking all factors into consideration away I go in my Pacifica Hybrid without ever expecting to do so...no added tax for full electric-it qualifies for the 7500.00 tax credit along with other local incentives-and in my area electricity is less than 12 cents a kilowatt at all times. I now have about 2,000 miles on it and on my 2nd tank of gas even after 2 trips over 300 miles each. The ride is great-as nice as my Chrysler 300..plenty of power....grand kids love the overhead DVD...simply worth the money. The 2008 has zero value so I kept it so I could give it to a local veteran who really needs a car. When all is said and done after incentives I'll be below $25,000 dollars in real money...still a lot of dollars but in my book more than worth it. I live in a very warm area & I believe the battery likes a warm climate better than a cold one. Its a long way from my 1st Caravan-a 1984 5 speed I bought so I could tow it 4 wheels down behind my then RV. If you aren't stuck on "stuff" or a certain color go shopping before they're all gone. You never see a review from someone who was a real value shopper for one of these but now you have.

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2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Overview

The 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is the more fuel-efficient version of the regular Pacifica family minivan. Debuting last year, it is the first hybrid minivan to be sold in America. The Pacifica Hybrid is powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 engine and two electric motors mated to an electronically-controlled continuously variable automatic transmission (eCVT).

Three trims are available: the Touring Plus, Touring L, and Limited.

More information coming soon.