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Reviews of Crown BMW

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4.4 (out of 5)

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Reviewed by K. Taylor from Winston-Salem, NCSeptember 23, 2021

So, I should start this story out by blaming myself for being a gullible retired war veteran who has too much trust and integrity of others. Background: My son hydroplaned in a 2008 Toyota 4Runner and except for God's will, so have been dead. The car was totaled and since he is in college, had to have another vehicle. I was looking for a used, but good reliable vehicle. I had some anxieties about a smaller car because of the accident, but knew it was not in my best interest to buy a new one. We search around a that's when we found the 2013 X-3. I was not expecting perfection, but I owned a BMW previously and have direct knowledge of their reliability. Well, was I ever bamboozled. Randy was the salesman and was appeared very sincere in helping him. He made it clear that the car was a hot item, but went a step forward to show us the approval for someone who had gone out of the country and wanted the dealership to hold the car from him. This may have been part of the con, but I fell for it. We test drove the car. The actual appearance of the car was awesome and well maintained. Part of the glove box was becoming unglued, and he agreed to take care of it. We were going out of town and planned to drive the car. I paid cash and was offered a warranty, but it was clear it was going to be high and so many things were excluded. Well, we never made it out of town. After driving it approximately 200 miles following the purchase, we had to be towed to the dealership. Tyrone in the service department was very nice and they sent up home in a loaner. Was told it was due to the low oil pressure. We went out of town and came back. Picked up the car and this time we drove it approximately 500 miles and the same thing happened. We spent several hours in the dealership and at closing time, they sent up home in a loaner. We kept the loaner for approximately a month. Tyrone called and said we needed to take to the Service Manager in person, so we knew this was not going to be good. At the meeting, he advised the car would eventually need to have a new engine. So, prior to the visit, I had conducted my own research and was advised the car was most likely bad at trade and the codes were reset. Sadly, it was disappointing to me because if they knew there was a problem the first time, the dealership could have been honest and saved me a second trip on the side of the road. They brag about completing a thorough inspection, but we knew that was not true when it started raining a few days after purchasing the car and the windshield wipes needed replacing. The CON continues. So, I was happy when Crown agreed to use my previous monies on the lemon on another car. Unfortunately, the stipulations have changed to me being able to get my full value spent on any car to being offered two vehicles. Both cars are priced considerable higher than any comps I can find online, and I am only getting half for the lemon they sold me. Randy and Jim have been inconsistent in what we have been told. Previously, Jim was the decision maker, but as of today, he has deferred all the inconsiderateness and greediness to Doug Weaver, General Manager. As I type this, my LEMON is still at the dealership. I don't expect them to do anything to help me. My current option is a 2015 528i with 100k plus miles that they are selling me for 16995. We have looked on, Kelly Blue Book, etc. and the high end is 13k. I had found a 2019 Honda Civic which would of cost more, but I felt more confident in buying. Randy told us it was not available, so we called the dealership owned by Crown and the sales rep was willing to see us tomorrow. So, Jim said that is no longer an option - two choices Volvo or 528i. I am scared to buy an older car. Please spare yourself the agony. i am out 10k and my son does not have a car. Never again. Buyer Beware!!!!!

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Overall Facilities 3

Customer Service 2

Buying Process 4

Quality of Repair 1

Maximum rating = 5

1.0 (out of 5)

Car dealer for people who enjoy deceit in haggling

Reviewed by Kim Christ from ColumbiaSeptember 09, 2020

I purchased my X5 from Joe Adams at Crown BMW in August 2020 after a several week search to find a BMW with the features I was looking for. I had to travel from out of state to pick up the car and I was unfamiliar with the Crown network of dealerships. When I inquired about the vehicle over the internet I was told it had features that it in fact didn’t have, so be particularly cautious if you are trusting this dealership to be honest in representing the car if you are not in person. I actually did not end up purchasing the car I drove to purchase since it was lacking the promised features. They did have another vehicle on the lot that did have my required features but it also had some features I did not want that upped the price – like crystal knobs, leather dash, but I inquired anyway. Although the dishonesty on the initial vehicle should have clued me in to their business practices, I did end up buying a car that I now wish I had not. Joe was particularly combative and rude, almost comically so, but we ended up at an agreeable price. Even after agreeing on a price, we went round and round on if the new vehicle I was purchasing met the BMW requirement for special financing. It did, but I had to pull up their website to “prove them that it’s real” which is a technique Joe used throughout negotiations. While everyone should go educated about the car they are buying, at Crown BMW even knowing all I could about the car Joe tried to gaslight me to make me believe that “my car” wasn’t eligible for that discount/special/option. That old adage of what a car used salesperson is like, Joe fit the bill to a T. At one point, I told him I would leave if he kept talking to my mother and me as if we were idiots. Also, despite the state COVID regulations in place for wearing masks, Joe couldn’t seem to keep his mask on, so there we were wearing our mask but Joe not. Every other BMW dealership we visited had strict COVID regulations, just goes to show the mentality at Crown BMW I guess. I am an executive in the Tech industry and deal with OEM (old entitled men) occasionally, but Joe took the cake in this front. Funny enough, after I did in fact purchase the car, he told me he was sorry for the bad behavior but it was the culture of this dealership, one that his managers required and had no intentions of changing. An afterthought that is notable, every single BMW dealership (or any dealership for that matter) I have been to the sales manager comes out and introduces themselves and ask if they can be of assistance or if I had a good experience, not here at Crown BMW. In fact, by the time I finished paperwork it was only Joe and I left in the dealership, the managers had left. Then when they pulled my car around from service, it was missing the floor and cargo mats. Joe told the service person to “just find any mats” since he couldn’t find the ones for my vehicle. They didn’t however find a cargo mat and I left with Joe promising to “mail it to me right away”. You can imagine how that has gone. Two months now of texts back and forth to which Joe has stopped responding. Joe says his managers won’t allow him to send me my cargo mat despite the promise to do so. I believe Joe treated me badly because I am a woman, and because Joe believes this is acceptable car dealership behavior. Honestly, Joe and Crown BMW took all joy out of buying a BMW. I have never been treated so badly in car buying except when I bought my first new car at age 18 from a back roads SC dealership where I was called “honey” and “sugar” and I was too young and dumb to know better. Please stay away from this dealership, a BMW should be an enjoyable purchase experience where the dealership stands behind promises and delivers good service. So many dealerships have moved to a transparent buying experience. That isn’t what Crown BMW seems to be in business to do.

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Overall Facilities N/A

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 1

Quality of Repair N/A

Maximum rating = 5

1.3 (out of 5)

Bad for business

Reviewed by Sam and Randy from GreensboroJuly 22, 2019

Worst car buying experience, (F) in all areas. Professionalism, Communication, Honesty. People are unapologetic . This has definitely shined light on how an high end dealer such as BMW can treat those who are perceived as “unable to purchase” . Boy did they guess wrong! Their loss.

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Dealer Response

It is disappointing to hear you had a negative experience with our team. Providing a great customer service and sales experience to our customers is our top priority.. We take all customers concerns very seriously and would like the opportunity to discuss your situation with you in greater detail. Please contact me at 336-323-3920 so we can discuss where we went wrong and gain your trust back. Regards, Doug Weaver General Manager

Overall Facilities N/A

Customer Service 1

Buying Process 2

Quality of Repair 1

Maximum rating = 5

About Crown BMW

There's a reason why Crown BMW is a premier new and used BMW dealer for Greensboro. It's because we provide quality automobiles at prices our customers can afford. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions help you find the right new car and can assist with financing. Crown BMW is a member of the NCADA is a sponsor of the Greensboro Golfers Against Cancer and has been serving the Triad for over 30 years. So if you're looking for a new or used BMW in High Point Burlington NC Winston-Salem or Durham stop in to Crown BMW and we'll get you into the car of your dreams.

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