New 2017 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

New 2017 Toyota Tacoma

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Funky remote start

Reviewed by MikeY
April 24, 2017

Toyota does not offer remote start as a factory option, dealer (in Akron) didn't tell me this but wanted money up front for option. Dealer sent my brand new truck to a local shop to have remote start option installed. I find this out day truck arrives... NOT HAPPY. Then when I pick up truck I find out that after starting truck remotely engine and truck SHUT OFF WHEN YOU OPEN THE DOOR! HUH? DUH? WAH? (Not what I really said). Dealer sez all Toyota's work that way. Brother-in-law who sells Lexus sez Lexus vehicles work same way too! Passenger side floor mat no longer fastened to floor bunched up with first person who rode there so I'm constantly straightening out floor mat... UNBELIEVABLE! Gas cap hanger no longer provided on filler door now gas cap bangs against paint. What else did Toyota do to cheapen up the vehicle that is undetectable? Will probably seek out different manufacturer for next vehicle.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: NO

Worst auto transmission I have ever oened.

Reviewed by tahoehiker
April 23, 2017

Horrible auto trans. Not enough power from motor to pull the slightest grade without down shifting two or three gears. It hesitates shifting in lower gears going up hills.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: NO

My Tacoma truck

Reviewed by Jake
April 21, 2017

Very pleased with my Toyota Tacoma truck. It is stylish and a comfortable ride. I love the burnt orange color and the way it handles.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Toyota tocomo

Reviewed by Toyota
April 15, 2017

Good trucks

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

My Tacoma

Reviewed by BossDog
April 12, 2017

My Tacoma is a stylish yet ruggedly solid truck. It handles very nimbly and rides comfortably for a truck. I've been complimented several times on the color (magnetic) and it sleek appearance. It is nice knowing that I have a reliable truck that will maintain its value as well as its good looks

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

30 years since I've owned new vehicle

Reviewed by VickiP
April 12, 2017

Love my new truck and look forward to having it for a long time and taking it on camping trips. Also think my dogs will love riding in it!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best midsize truck you can buy

Reviewed by JnA2010
April 11, 2017

I bought a 2017 long bed full double cab Taco. It is just an sr5 but it gets the job done. So far so good. It can hold it's own. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with children in carseats especially rear facing since even in the full double there isn't that much room but other than that i love this truck. It feels sound. Nothing feels cheap on it. You can actually feel the quality in the materials used. I love the long bed. I've already hauled so much with it. Towing a trailer does make it go through gas though. Even with the towing feature on. Overall i am happy and confident I bought a product that is going to last. I don't plan on ever selling it or trading it in.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES


Reviewed by Tom Davis
April 10, 2017

My first Toyota was a new 2001 Toyota Tundra, I loved everything about it being the V8 I was told it basicly was a Lexus Truck, I believed it was, I traided in on a New 2006 Tundra, same thing, I loved everything about it, the next was a new 2010 Tundra, the biggest one yet ! at 88,000 miles, 2014, it just got too big, I sold it for $19500, drove it for 4 years and it only cost me $3200! I then purchased a used 2010 Tacoma, it reminded me of the 2001 Tundra and I loved it as well. A car full of teen age Girls ran a red light and totaled my 2010 Tacoma witch brought me to this 2017, after 10 days I am beginning to love itm still getting used to the Bells & Wistles !

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

So far, so good

Reviewed by "Steve"
April 10, 2017

Have less than 100 miles on truck.... nothing surprising has happened - haven't started learning the apps yet.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Great vehicle

Reviewed by Raph
April 08, 2017

Love the car but should go for the Tundra for more internal room. Lot of power for a truck. Great engine.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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