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Special Rebates and Incentives for the First Time Buyer, College Student, Military, Retirees – and More

Auto rebates, low APR loans, cash back, car finance options, factory incentives — by any name, incentives can save you a boatload of bucks. But there are a special set of incentives tailored for college students, military, retirees, first time buyers, those with physical mobility challenges, and others. Here's how these incentives work.

Car manufacturers sometimes target buyers in special groups. For instance car makers understand that if they can get a first time buyer to develop a loyalty to their brand, they can sometimes keep that business for years. So car makers will give members of this special group cash back or (occasionally) a low APR loan that can reduce the price of the car by $500 to $1000.

Car makers also understand that first time buyers and the other groups have their own unique needs and requirements. And these incentives show that the car maker cares about this particular audience.

Auto Rebates for First Time Buyers

Cash back rebates are the most common incentive for first time buyers and the easiest to use. You can pocket that money or use it to lower your finance amount. But make sure you really want the model they're providing cash on, and compare rebates among competitors for the best deal.

Make sure to contact your local dealer to ensure you qualify. These special incentives have well defined requirements.

Low APR Loans for First Time Buyers

On occasion, manufacturers will offer low interest rate loans to first time buyers. These can be a great deal — if you qualify. Contact your local dealer for the full details. Also consider the length of the loan. A short loan means less in interest charges but much larger monthly payments. A longer loan, 60 or 72 months, can leave you paying off a car you're tired of.

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