2015 Volkswagen GTI vs. 2015 FIAT 500L Review

Comparison Review

Passengers in the back seat will feel a little more squished in the Volkswagen GTI than in the FIAT 500L, due to the Volkswagen GTI's smaller rear head- and legroom. Offering just a little more front head- and legroom than the Volkswagen GTI, drivers may find the FIAT 500L a little roomier and somewhat more comfortable.

You'll be making about the same number of stops at the gas station with the Volkswagen GTI as you will with the FIAT 500L, as they get the same number of miles per tank of gas.

There are a lot of factors to consider when calculating the overall cost of a vehicle. The main consideration is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The Volkswagen GTI will definitely make more of a dent in your wallet than the FIAT 500L, which has a much lower MSRP. Another consideration is the Destination Charge, which is a standard charge for transporting the vehicle to the dealer from where it's built. The Volkswagen GTI carries a much lower Destination Charge than the FIAT 500L.

The Volkswagen GTI is about the same width as the FIAT 500L. When looking at overall length, the Volkswagen GTI takes up about the same amount of space in your garage as the FIAT 500L.

Due to its much higher torque, the engine of the Volkswagen GTI does a much better job of transmitting power to the wheels than the FIAT 500L.

The Volkswagen GTI has a significantly larger turning radius than the FIAT 500L, making it much more difficult to maneuver in and out of tight spots.

When it comes to horsepower, the Volkswagen GTI is somewhat more powerful than the FIAT 500L.

In terms of seating you'll be able to fit the same number of people in both the Volkswagen GTI and the FIAT 500L. The Volkswagen GTI has significantly less cargo room than the FIAT 500L, which may be a concern if you do a lot of warehouse shopping.

The basic warranty of the Volkswagen GTI is not as nearly as extensive as that of the FIAT 500L.

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2015 Volkswagen

More Details & Photos New 2015 Volkswagen GTI
MSRP*: $24,395 - $29,595

2015 FIAT

More Details & Photos New 2015 FIAT 500L
MSRP*: $19,345 - $24,695
Cash Back Rebate: Visit Rebate Center Up to $500
Low APR Loan: -- As low as 0.00%
Lease Incentive: -- As low as 0.31%
City MPG: 25 22 - 25
Highway MPG: 34 30 - 33
Engine(s): Inline-4 Inline-4
Seating Capacity: 5 - 5 5 - 5
Basic Warranty: 3 years/36,000 miles 4 years/50,000 miles
Invoice*: $23,419 - $28,411 $19,282 - $23,995

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2015 Volkswagen GTI

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2015 FIAT 500L

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