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2013 Nissan LEAF Exterior

2013 Nissan LEAF Overview (See Available Styles)

The 2013 Nissan Leaf is a pure-electric, five-seat car that offers a rough range of 100 miles per charge. It also qualifies for federal and state tax incentives thanks to its electric car status, which knocks plenty of dollars off the price.

Nissan brings many changes to the Leaf in 2013, including aerodynamic and energy management improvements which increases the Leaf’s range. A newly available 6.6-kw charger lowers charging time on a 220-volt setup from seven hours down to four. There is also a new base trim level (S) and the SV/SL trims get price drops of their own. Also new is a hybrid heater system, which allows for more efficient heating in cold temperatures and is a welcome addition for those who own Leafs in colder climes.

The Leaf’s look is unique, thanks to its aerodynamic shape and large, raised headlights which give the front an insect-like appearance. The headlights are not without purpose though, they deflect air around the side mirrors to reduce cabin noise (especially for front seat passengers) and keep the Leaf slippery. 16-inch steel wheels, a rear spoiler, LED taillights, and a small solar panel that charges the 12-volt battery are standard.

The Leaf uses a 340-volt battery pack to power an electric drive motor, which drives the front wheels with 107 horsepower and 187 pounds-feet of torque. A depleted battery can recharge in seven hours at 240 volts or in 21 hours at 120 volts. Public quick-charge stations, where available, can charge a depleted battery to 80 percent in about 30 minutes, but it requires the optional quick-charge port

Inside, the Leaf has seating for up to five passengers and a long list of standard features, including heated front and rear seats, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and a heated steering wheel. Leather upholstery is optional, along with helpful tech features like Pandora internet radio and a navigation system. To keep drivers informed of how much range is left in the Leaf, the dashboard screen can display available power, current use, and remaining miles to empty. The navigation system also has a new feature which can suggest routes that will conserve energy.

Standard safety features include six airbags and the requisite antilock brakes and electronic stability system. The battery pack has also been designed with safety in mind; it disconnects automatically if the airbags deploy or it senses a submersion in water to prevent electrocutions.

EPA Fuel Economy

  • City: 129 MPG
  • Highway: 102 MPG

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Safety Rating

  • Overall Safety: ****
  • Frontal Crash: ****
  • Side Crash: ****

Consumer Reviews Summary

Overall Rating:

28 of 37 (75%) consumers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

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