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2011 Nissan GT-R Exterior

2011 Nissan GT-R Overview (See Available Styles)

Even superlatives fall woefully short of adequately describing the sheer madness that is packed into the 2011 Nissan GT-R.  The descendant of Nissan’s legendary Skyline GT-R, the new breed GT-R carries on the tradition of the Skyline as well as its nickname: “Godzilla.”

Any discussion of the monstrous 2011 GT-R has to start with its fantastic engine.  Each GT-R is outfitted with a 485-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter 24-valve V6 producing 434 pounds-feet of torque.  Horsepower numbers for the GT-R are approximate, since each engine is hand built.  All GT-R engines and transmissions are hand built in a hermetically sealed clean factory, to ensure accuracy of parts and assembly.  When measured some GT-R engines have been found to have output that approaches 500-horsepower. 

The GT-R posts some of the most impressive acceleration and power numbers found in cars today.  It launches from 0-60 mph in a lightning quick 3.5 seconds, and keeps running all the way to a top speed of 193 mph.  Numbers like these have traditionally been reserved for super cars, but the GT-R routinely outperforms cars that cost two to three times as much.  Each GT-R comes mated to a six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission with paddle shifters, that when switched into sport mode can bang out shifts in a near instantaneous two-tenths of a second.

Fuel economy in the GT-R is a respectable 15 mpg in the city, and 21 mpg on the highway.

To mistake the GT-R for a straight-line dragster would be a monumental oversight, because although it is one of the fastest cars around on a drag strip, it truly comes alive in the bends.  The GT-R employs a space age aerodynamic design which channels air to the rear spoiler providing an abundance of downforce and absolute stability.  Combined with a four wheel drive system and an adjustable suspension, the GT-R devours corners with grip and tenacity. 

Even though it is foremost a driver’s car and built to go fast, the GT-R comes with a surprising amount of amenities and cabin comforts.  Highlights include dual zone climate control, a music box hard drive for digital music storage, leather sport seats, power adjustable front seats, and Nissan’s hard drive navigation system with voice recognition.  For 2011, Nissan has compressed the GT-R line up and it is now only available in premium trim.  Automatic wipers, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, and DVD capability all become new standard features in 2011. The center console is dominated by Nissan’s driver configurable Multi-Function display system, which can be programmed to display almost any piece of information about the cars performance, including lateral or acceleration g-force, oil temperature and pressure, turbo boost, etc.

Nissan’s advanced air bag system and one of the most advanced traction control systems help keep you safe in the GT-R.  Each wheel rides on 15-inch disc antilock brakes, with six-piston Brembo calipers for optimal stopping power – it takes just 104 feet for the GT-R to stop from 60 mph.

The 2011 Nissan GT-R is an automotive and technical tour-de-force, representing the pinnacle of automotive engineering.  To find suitable competition for the GT-R, you have to leap up two to three times its price giving it incredible value.  It is a truly a car that must be seen, to be believed.  Run!  Godzilla is coming!

EPA Fuel Economy

  • City: 15 MPG
  • Highway: 21 MPG