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New 2017 Lexus ES 350 Reviews

New 2017 Lexus ES 350

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34 of 36 (94%) of consumers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

Toyota in a Tux

Reviewed by Ezpacman2000
November 06, 2017

I regret ever listemijn to my friends. The Lexus is an overpriced Camry. I could have saved a bundle. Putting 4 people in the car it sags in the back and impeads the performance. Not happy at all with that purchase. I traded it im and took the loss just so i wasnt remined everytime i drove it what a bad decision that was.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: NO

Best Car I have Owned

Reviewed by OC Car Guy
November 05, 2017

This car handles like a sport sedan and gets fantastic mileage. The clean lines and roomy cabin are great for up to 5 adults. I have had over 20 cars in the last 30years and this one is the favorite by far.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Good purchase experience.

Reviewed by Bamafan
October 26, 2017

Great car. Safe and quite. Technically advanced for safety. I would recommend this dealer and sales staff.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best bang for the buck in an entry level lux car

Reviewed by Bob
October 21, 2017

This car is the best bang for the buck and I would only add some things missing in this model year and 2018 model year into the next 2019 redesign such as birds eye view camera, if possible one single power shade for the panoramic roof because rear roof shade is manual, power folding mirrors because they’re kind of big, more horse power because it’s heavy, and easier to use system with maybe a better remote touch interface found on newer Lexus’s (or a simple touch interface like on Toyota’s) and addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for simplicity of use. Also to add that in order to use auto start feature you need Lexus enform subscription ($$$) which is very nice, or after the 1 year free trial ends install an aftermarket module from say from a reputable retailer Abt Electronics so you can start it with your key fob instead and not pay for an expensive subscription yearly that costs more than the module and remote itself. Otherwise you can’t use the auto start function with the key fob without subscription or without a module installed and not void any warranty. Enform remote app is nice but it could be faster and more efficient to fully use the Lexus’s computer system on board to control the car. Autonomous cars on the way!!! Otherwise this car is bullet proof. Basically a Toyota Camry and Avalon Frankensteined parts and features onto one car with added touches of luxury. The car being reviewed was purchased and has every option available for this 2017 model installed and every package available installed making it a rare find, but has enough amenities creature comforts to last many years with good care. Exterior styling, wheels, color, and lighting are LS quality. Only to mention the more durable colors are the metallic, mica, and pearl colors...obsidian black is a nightmare to maintain and would recommend a good durable sealant or clear coat coating. The interior is also LS quality well designed and put together fit and finish from when you approach and open the door with smart key memory link access and lighting, sit down on the luxurious seats and feel the trim and see the interior, start it and drive the car and see it in action, to when you turn off the car and exit. Interior styling with flaxen interior and bamboo wood with the ultra lux package and every option and package available installed on it you’re surrounded in luxury, comfort and tech and a crisp clean mark levinson audio system that has excellent clarity especially when you’re on a phone call or listening to turn by turn directions you can hear them loud and clear, and of course music as well. The car drives very smooth, handling is much better than previous older models. Some more bumps are felt compared to a 2003 ES. Some road and wind noise possibly because of the tires, wheels or panoramic roof, but not significant to interfere with the audio system. Safety features and settings are very handy and quick to access. Some tech features are lacking but I feel they’ll be coming in the 2019 redesign. For a $51k car though I would expect some more features available or at least some more refinements as the luxury brand of the Toyota company on an entry level luxury sedan. I mean I should find more on a Lexus ES than a Camry or Avalon combined. Overall a great car for commuting and taking family, friends, or coworkers out or even a road trip in comfort and style with plenty of safety features and with a large trunk for luggage but smaller opening however than previous models. Power trunk is a nice add on available if you have full hands. Plus you can check the status and controls of your car entirely from the enform remote app for Apple and android which is the only reason I like the app. With all of this tech, features and luxury and if the car is going to be used daily I highly recommend looking for a slightly used very low mile (less than 5k miles) 2017 model just like this one that is certified because it’ll be much cheaper than buying a new 2017 and you will get longer warranty coverage because it’s certified and any remaining free maintenance is covered...hard to find a Lexus like that with it being fully loaded as well. All in all, great car for the money that could last 10 years or more with good care and has excellent resale value if you decide to sell. The ES should however have most of the features found in its competitive class siblings. If you’re 40+ years old I definitely recommend the ES or RX as a good affordable choice.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best Car I ever purchased.

Reviewed by Randy VanDeventer
October 05, 2017

Having to drive about 90 miles a day too and from work this car has everything I wanted. IRA Lexus of Bedford had excellant Customer Service. Looking forward to driving this car for many years to come

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

5 or 6 Lexus I have owned. All were excellent

Reviewed by James Buss
September 10, 2017

Reliability is the very best. Gas mileage on a trip 35.3 miles to gallon, despite sticker claimed 33 to the gallon. Lexus garages first class, very clean, free car washes, and waiting area beats most home living rooms.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

I like the way it handles

Reviewed by johnpe
September 10, 2017

Meets my expectations. It is responsive. It has curb appeal and is an eye catcher.the interior is very plush and inviting.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Similar to our 3013 es350

Reviewed by value seeker
September 05, 2017

Driving car for less than 2 weeks. Still getting used to ride. So far seems very similar to 2013 es 350. Experienced lane chang warning --very nice and useful. Thank G-d have not experienced emergency stop feature. Hope never have to. Seats seem less cushioned than 2013 model. May be more tinny than 2013. Overall need more time to give more solid judgement.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best automobile to own.

Reviewed by Pkerran
August 21, 2017

Super sharp, best construction, and most reliable service describes the Lexus ES 350. From the tires and wheels to the rooftop, you would never be disappointed with this model.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

4th Lexus

Reviewed by Pollyanna
August 15, 2017

Great car. Very comfortable and a joy to drive. As you can see, I only think Lexus. It is reliable and has never given me a problem. Go Lexus!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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