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New 2017 Jeep Compass

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31 of 31 (100%) of consumers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

Lots of fun

Reviewed by ORV
July 18, 2017

I love it all the technology and the beefy feel to the SUV it feels a lot bigger then what it is and at the off road vehicle park it really shines and even the sound system booms in the trailhawk at least don't know about the other trims but the trailhawk is great

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Love my 2017 jeep compass

Reviewed by bren s
July 16, 2017

My jeep compass is the perfect size and height for me and my husbandand our dog. Drives smooth love the new body style. Like the back up camera.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Very nice car.

Reviewed by Makayla15
July 10, 2017

I love everything about this car. The only one thing that I don't love is how when you stop the engine shuts down. When you release the break the engine comes back on. There is a button that shuts that feature off but you have to keep turning it on every time you turn the car on.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

The All-New Compass is the best new Jeep model!

Reviewed by dharper
June 26, 2017

Extremely comfortable and smooth ride, the UConnect touch screen is user friendly and so cool! Fuel-mileage is next-level for a jeep. Only been driving it for a month, but I'm super impressed so far!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

1 Month Review

Reviewed by VG
June 25, 2017

2017 Jeep Compass Limited 4X4 – 2.4 L w/ 9 speed automatic transmission I purchased the redesigned Compass about a month ago. I have driven it over 1700 miles so far and have been very impressed. The Compass is very easy to get into although there is a slight step up. Driving position and forward visibility are very good. Rear visibility is average but the backup camera makes backing up a breeze. The seats both front and back are firm and comfortable. Rear leg room is good even with the front seats pushed all the way back. The driving position is very good with all controls within easy reach. The cabin is roomy, but not spacious. The Compass drives and handles well on local roads and highways. Not surprisingly, it handles well in heavy rain with excellent front/rear defrosting and wipers. The climate control system is excellent. Fuel economy is surprisingly good. I have averaged 25.9 MPG (1757 miles/67.9 gallons) in primarily city driving. The best MPG seen was 30.5 MPG (all highway). Worst MPG was 22 MPG (all city with AC on). The Auto Engine Stop supposedly helps with fuel economy, but I keep it disabled since it does take some getting used to. Regarding the engine and transmission – the Compass does not have a lot of power from a stop. However, I find acceleration acceptable and consider it a good compromise since I am averaging 25 MPG in mostly city driving. The Uconnect system is excellent. It has a very logical layout and is easily customizable. It is very responsive to the touch but does show a lot of fingerprints when powered off. Apple CarPlay works flawlessly. [Note: Initially, I had an issue with CarPlay losing connectivity with the Uconnect system. Turns out problem was with the sync cable. I purchased a new cable and have not had any connectivity issues since.] The build quality of the vehicle is excellent. I have yet to encounter a squeak, rattle or knock. The Compass does have a very solid feel and the quality of materials in the cabin is very good. So far I do not have a single issue to report. Overall, I am very glad I purchased the Compass. Everyone who has been in the vehicle or driven it was impressed. I expect it will handle well in the snow and in poor road conditions as we approach winter. If the initial build quality is any indication; reliability should be very good. I did purchase the extended warranty since it truly is a first year model. Likes: 1. Ride/Handling/Forward visibility 2. Quiet interior 3. Technology/Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 4. Fuel Economy 5. Interior and Exterior Styling 6. Build Quality Dislikes: 1. Uconnect display is off by default whenever the vehicle is started. You need to turn on the radio to use GPS, Climate controls, etc. When I don’t want to listen to the radio, but see the controls. I either mute the radio or set it to an unused AUX port. 2. No HomeLink system for garage door opening. 3. No option for Tonneau cover to hide contents behind rear seats. 4. Limited storage space in center console and arm rest. Need a place to hold cell phone when connected to AUX jack for CarPlay/Android Auto. No compartment for sunglasses. 5. I would prefer that the center controls and Uconnect screen were angled toward the driver. Requested Firmware Updates: 1. Create a Uconnect screen preference option to enable/disable Auto Engine Stop. Personally, I would like it off by default. 2. Create a Uconnect option to turn on Uconnect screen whenever the car is started – I would prefer the screen be powered on whenever the car is turned on. To Be Determined: 1. Reliability 2. Handling in snow 3. Off road

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Love my Jeeo Compass

Reviewed by myahs mom
June 23, 2017

This car is fantastic. Great gas mileage and very comfortable. Comfortable seating and great on road trips. Love it!!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Affordable and reliable .

Reviewed by Par Man
June 19, 2017

Scaled down version of Grand Cherokee with less bells and whistles. Very very excellent car for the money.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Love my new Jeep.

Reviewed by Bunnydenr1
June 19, 2017

I drove a Cherokee but fell in love with the new body style of the 2017 Compass. It is now my favorite!!!!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

NEW Compass Trailhawk - Keeping Jeep Great Again!

Reviewed by MyTtrailhawk
June 07, 2017

About a month in, and I absolutely love this thing...the interior is awesome, bells and whistles are great, and it does all that you'd expect from the Jeep brand. Only gripe is the engine/power, which I knew going in. If they ever put one out with a V6, I'd seriously consider upgrading, but other than that, this one will probably be in my garage for a long time.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Totally Changed for the Better!.

Reviewed by Sueme
June 06, 2017

Having driven a 2016 Compass for the past year I was wowed by the 2017. The entire car has been revamped, and WOW! The interior is more spacious and the control panel is much larger and way more advanced. The body is also smaller more compact and sportier. Looks and feels amazing.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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