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Systems Engineer

Posted: October 24 2014

Who we are: and are the two websites that we operate at Santa Monica. We were founded back in 1995 as a site dedicated to new cars, and we were acquired by in 2005. So, we have a long track record of generating leads for new car dealers. Even though we are no longer a start-up, in many ways, we still feel like one. We are a technology-centric organization - more than half of our 35 employees are development and systems engineers or QA analysts. Our office is located close to the bustling scene at Third Street Promenade in beautiful Santa Monica, where many of our employees step out to have lunch.

  • You will experience the nimbleness of a small company, coupled with the financial stability and corporate benefits of our large parent company
  • Decisions are made quickly, with minimal red tape
  • Casual, relaxed work environment; but people really care about achieving results
  • Full accountability; you know everybody, and everybody knows you
  • Flexible work hours, and telecommuting is an option for certain positions
  • Work/life balance; 40-45 hour work weeks, with occasional crunch time
  • Fun! With regular social events including birthday celebrations, happy hours, games nights, summer beach parties and holiday parties (and we even have two loaner bicycles!)

What we have in Tech:


    • Five dedicated systems developers and a release engineer
    • An existing systems engineer for you to work with and mentor
    • QA department of six, actively using automated testing suites
    • Collaborative Development Engineering team, who have all done deployments and feel your pain
    • Bright technical managers who have risen from the developer, operations and QA ranks


    • Dedicated time for you to work on infrastructure projects
    • Ongoing documentation of all operation tasks in the handbook
    • Assigned and rotated ad hoc duties to reduce work disruptions
    • Planning process that encourages the engineers to provide realistic estimates
    • Ticketed and storyboarded maintenance windows and ad hocs


    • Linux stack with mostly Ubuntu and CentOS/RedHat
    • SaltStack Orchestration and Automation
    • Debian- and NixOS-based packaging systems
    • Python, Java, and some PHP, BASH
    • Postgres, MySQL, ZODB databases

    Growth and Learning:

    • Assigned mentors for each team member to teach new skills
    • Regularly scheduled Development, Operations and QA learning meeting
    • Team members are active in the local tech community; we organize and run meetups and hackathons as well as host FOSS booths at Scale (Python, Postgres)
    • We pay to send team members to attend PyCon and Scale every year; some of our team members have given presentations in the past couple years

    What you will do:

    You will perform systems engineering and automation as well as support our existing systems and infrastructure.
    • Handle all aspects of server management and administration including security and disaster recovery
    • Develop and deploy systems using automated deployment tools
    • Build deployment automation using various tools (i.e. SaltStack, Chef, Puppet)
    • Execute ticketed ad hoc request duties
    • Help implement and manage physical and virtual server infrastructure
    • Support multiple web, application, and database servers in a Linux environment
    • Help manage and troubleshoot crons / data jobs, ETLs, and monitoring / alerts
    • Support the company off-hours support on a rotating and as-needed basis (infrequent)
    • Interact with offsite NOC support and Help Desk personnel
    • Basic development in Python, BASH and other languages as necessary
    • Participate in code reviews both as a reviewer and a reviewee
    • Research and integrate emerging technologies

Who we are looking for:

Ideally, we would like someone who has experience in both systems operations and development, because you will need to do some development to automate systems deployment. We would like you to have experience in infrastructure provisioning as well. In order to be successful, you should be able to plan and manage your assigned projects on your own, communicating your thought process and recommendations clearly and logically to your manager.

Required Process and People Skills:

  • Ability to do everything from the Linux/BSD command line
  • Working knowledge of modern source control such as Subversion, Git, or Mercurial
  • Collaborative work ethic, as you will be working in a team
  • Eager learner; we are happy to teach you new necessary skills and technologies
  • Ability to work with others in pair programming mode

Required Technical Skills (at least 6 of below):

  • 4+ years of planning disaster recovery on physical and logical levels
  • 7+ years of professional experience managing multiple types of Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat) or BSD servers
  • 6+ years with server security including security firewalls, patching, etc.
  • 4+ years of working SQL knowledge with MySQL, PostgreSQL or similar
  • 5+ years of scripting languages such as Python or Ruby
  • 7+ years of scripting in BASH on an intermediate level
  • 2+ years of setting up and maintaining private clouds
  • 4+ years of planning and designing systems infrastructure
  • Understanding of networking (TCP/IP, VPNs, Firewalls, Internet & Web protocols)
  • Working knowledge of modern source control such as Subversion, Git or Mercurial

Desired Skills:

  • Love of Open Source
  • Experience with managed networking devices like Cisco, Juniper and etc.
  • Knowledge of Development and Operations
  • Familiarity with Windows Servers
  • Familiarity with OO Design Patterns (e.g. Gang of Four)
  • 4-year degree in Computer Science or related field


Please submit your resume HERE is an Equal Opportunity Employer