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New 2018 Honda Odyssey

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14 of 15 (93%) of consumers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

Wanted the entertainment system to work Better

Reviewed by First family car
August 14, 2017

Maybe the higher end model (Elite) would have been better. I was so excited for the entertainment system. It doesn't work well -- lots of little issues. You can't have the volume just in the back. This was not explained to us. So disappointing. Also just know that there's no CD play and only holds 1 dvd. A lot of the car is really good. Drive is smooth. Great turning radius. Just wished the main selling point for us didn't have so many little flaws.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: NO

2018 Honda Odysse EX

Reviewed by Javsvt
August 14, 2017

The car is awesome, only a few things I would do to make it more perfect than it is. 1) make interface work easier with phone, seems like the it sometimes switches to google maps from radio if the voice commands are speaking, than you have to hit radio again through the main screen. 2) should definitely come with roof rails standard. Most if not all are used for long trips, so a cargo carrier up top is needed sometimes. 3) have a storage for the middle seat like the Sienna has. 4) more chargers or 12v plug for phone for the middle seats. Other than that, just took it FL from NY, great gas mileage!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Moving On UP !!

Reviewed by Lunar Bliss
August 12, 2017

Big enough to be comfortable.Small enough to be intimate. Flashy enough to be noticed. Plain enough to be respected. My car makes me feel that I`m King of the Road and Master of my Domain. At 75 years old, it will probably be my last car.... but what a way to go.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Super High Tech, Comfortable, Safe and Great Value

Reviewed by Joe_O
August 10, 2017

Being that it is my 3rd Odyssey Elite this is, BY FAR, the best iteration of the series. The technology rivals anything in a high-end German sedan. The ergonomics are exceptional, and the finish, pristine. Our second Odyssey was totaled in an accident and I can attest to the safety of this vehicle and how the interior cabin integrity remained unchanged.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

First Minivan - Loving it!

Reviewed by MinivanMama
August 04, 2017

I love it. Everything about it. I bought the EXL w/o Nav/Res. The van comes with Android Auto and Apple Auto which makes the Nav system unnecessary. The magic slide seats are what sold me. I have two kids in car seats. I keep them one click apart to avoid fights but like that they are both towards the middle for safety. I can also pull them closer to me when loading them and then slide them back to the middle. And it's so smooth. Its very easy to access the third row. I think people of all sizes would find this easy. The third row easily stows into the cargo area. I love the sporty look of the exterior. I got the Pacific Pewter color and love it. Looks like a browish gray depending on the light and hides dirt.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

The Greatest

Reviewed by NASCAR fan
July 25, 2017

We LOVE our new 2018 Odyssey, there is a lot to learn about it as it has so much to offer. But it is fun to learn. The new steering is great and the adaptive cruise is such a safety feature. . We love this new car.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Great car so far

Reviewed by JoeW
July 24, 2017

I have less than 1000 miles on it, and so far so good. I did have a minor electrical issue after the dealer installed the trailer hitch and light hook up. The vehicle is roomy, comfortable and fun to drive. My only issue is the drive by wire trans. and steering. The steering is lighter than I prefer and there is no shift interlock in the vehicle for the push button shifter. According to the dealer there is one on top of the trans under the hood, however it is of no help if you have a dead battery and can't get to the hood. (eg: in a small garage.) With all the bells and whistles I recommend the extended warranty. The safety package is extraordinary. The sideways sliding second row seats make entry to the third row unbelievably easy, even for older passengers. NOTE. The sliding seats only work with the second row center seat removed. One improvement would be, if one of the three power outlets were hot with the ignition off. The nine speed transmission is nice, and all in all it appears to be a very good vehicle. The VCM Earth Dreams engine is smooth and powerful. I had my last Odyssey for 13 years and the new owner is now enjoying it. I hope this new one will be as reliable and trouble free as the last one.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

A dream to drive!

Reviewed by mom2threefunsons
July 22, 2017

It is the perfect car for a family with kids of all ages. The magic slide seats are so useful and versatile. I love the way the outside looks too. A huge design improvement. Super smooth ride with lots of cool features like brake hold, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, etc. It really is the perfect car!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best vehicle I've owned

Reviewed by mimi0f2
July 20, 2017

I traded my first Odyssey in for the 2018 model. I thought I loved my 2017 elite....But this 2018 Odyssey Elite is by far the best mini van ever! What does it NOT do? I have't a clue! The cabin watch makes going down the road trying to keep an eye on your child in the backseat that has a seizure disorder, well can you say peace of mind! I don't have to continually look back to check! I can see him on the monitor! I can talk to the kids in the back over the speakers or through the headphones they are wearing watching a movie! -it has an app for the kids answering are we there yet and how much longer! -heated and cooled seats -all around climate control -extremely comfortable seats -push button transmission -acceleration for passing! ON A HILL -economy fuel for trips -auto shut off when idled L(that can easily be disabled) -air bags for days -cruise control at your control or following a vehicle to steady your speed -comfort and style -too many bells and whistles to list Honda has outdone theirselves with this 2018 Odyssey! I don't see how it can be topped!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Looks great

Reviewed by lion Bernie
July 19, 2017

very nice I am tempted to say I love it but you can't love a car. All the features are very nice and I am still learning all the accessories.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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