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New 2017 Chevrolet Volt

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9 of 10 (90%) of consumers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

Best Car in every way

Reviewed by Edward
December 12, 2016

handles better than my Porsche. 1300 miles and have used only 2 gallons of fuel. Usually get about 70 miles per charge due to the built-in power recovery technology.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Impressive and Extremely Refined

Reviewed by Electric Car Enthusiast
September 23, 2016

I bought a 2017 Volt 2 weeks ago. The car has exceeded my expectations and has lived up to every positive review I had read on the car before buying. It is packed full of great technology and the adaptive cruise control is awesome. Bargain hard for a deal and the car is very affordable.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

This 2017 is my second Volt and WOW, it is sweet

Reviewed by bluesguy
September 20, 2016

I now have over 1000 miles on my new 2017 Volt and Love it. It is such a difference from my 2013 it is amazing. All the bells and whistles and redone compared to the 2013. There isn't enough time to do all the details but, improved collision detection (flashes up on the windshield). Lane correction, rear view camera has guiding lines as well as warning on oncoming cars. The stereo is amazing, the GPS is much nicer than before. There is no spare, but you can buy one optionally if that is your thing. But with 24hr roadside protection you are still covered. They come with Michelins, enough said. It rides nicer, feels bigger inside and out, and with 55 miles and a diamond lane plate, i get to work faster and with no gas. With the Federal rebate it makes the $$ comparable to similar sized vehicles that use gas - arg. I wouldn't drive anything else. Good job GM!!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

You'll never buy a traditional gas car again!

Reviewed by Danny Ulster
August 10, 2016

I absolutely love my 2017 Chevy Volt! The ride is so smooth, the interior quality matches expensive luxury cars and the beast feature is driving past all the gas stations! I have not put gas in this car in 3 mos. and I have 1/2 tank gas. Keep in mind that the tank is only 9.5 gallons. I do plugin at work, however I have an 80 miles round trip commute. I average about 60 miles per full charge...sometimes better. I will never, ever go back to a traditional gas car again! I love not making a stop at the gas station like i used to every few days.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Must drive it

Reviewed by EZ Volt
July 21, 2016

I have put on just over 1000 miles on my new 2017 Volt. I had a 2013 Volt and thought it was great. This 2017 is better in every way. Loaded with features, comfortable and much more enjoyable to drive. With over 1000 miles I still have over a 1/4 tank of gas. The car has only a 9 gallon fuel tank. Do the math, it is extraordinary. The car needs to be driven. As quiet as anything on the road, regardless of price. Smooth and addicting to drive. Go beyond your fear of electric and drive it, you will not go back to the combustion engine. Oh and it is affordable. Factor in that you will seldom stop a a gas station and very little to no maintenance, My last volt 1 oil change in 3 years. Not one problem with the car at all. Driving past gas stations that I would stop at every week puts smile on my face every time. Go drive one!!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Loving the Volt... but now gas stations hate us!

Reviewed by Cali Volt Owners
June 24, 2016

We purchased a new 2017 Chevy Volt Premier (with Pearl Tri-Coat) several weeks ago, and are loving it! The extras like the driver confidence packages I and II are well worth the extra amount, for increased safety. If someone is coming at you sideways as you're backing out of a parking spot, the car warns you with a beep. The back-up camera is excellent. Drive is so quiet, it makes the experience of getting from point A to point B that much more enjoyable. When test driving, we experienced the switch-over from Battery power to Gas power, and it was seamless. It seemed to have an ample amount of power, in both flat and hilly conditions, even after that switch. The EV range is great (~52 miles), and since we're not pushing it to the limit for the commute, we rarely have to switch to gas (have only done so once so far, for a longer day trip). We have gotten by with a regular 110V charge at night when rates are lower, and we can conveniently set it to time the charge to be completed by our departure time. The app that connects to the vehicle works nicely, as well. It warns you if you have not plugged in, to make sure you're ready to go. It is intuitive and easy to use. The electronics and dash / screen inside the car are also easy to navigate, and very straightforward. We are a Chevy family, so it felt familiar enough to us, right when we got in. No disappointments whatsoever with this vehicle -- we love the styling, features, safety, and performance. And we do not miss going to the gas station. The Volt has a nice little punch to it, when you push down the "gas" pedal. We expect not to have to add gas for many months -- so should really call it by its proper name, as an "accelerator." Of course, it is nice to have the gas motor to extend the overall range, when we need to take longer trips, without having to hunt for plug-ins and wait for it to charge, as you would with an full EV. Buy the 2017 Volt with confidence -- this is a great car at a great price, especially when you factor in the rebates! There is no need to wait for the next "latest / greatest" EV coming out. You can get yourself an excellent car that will get you FAR down the road on electric power (and farther with gas if you need it), right now!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

My new Volt!

Reviewed by Bob C
June 05, 2016

I reviewed as much as I could about the Volt prior to purchasing it. I now have over 1000 miles on it and it is about three weeks old. It is living up to my expectations and then some. You do need some serious time to read everything about it, once you get it. I still have to go over the "Parking Assist" features of the car but just haven't had time. The car has excellent "pickup" and handles extremely well in traffic both on the open road and in town. It has all of the common features of the better cars and some that are new to me, like "Lane Assist" and a "Backup camera" with collision sensors. It is spoiling me to the point that I don't use my other car. We are working on getting a charging station installed to speed up charging, but even using the supplied cord, it is still a pleasure to operate and charging is not difficult. As noted in some of the commercial reviews, the only drawback and I don't consider it a "show stopper" is there is not much space for the left foot to rest. We also added our own extra cushioning to the seats. I do recommend this model, especially if you are seeking an electric vehicle.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Another General Motors joke

Reviewed by ken
May 18, 2016

Would not own a car that does not have a spare tire. Car was not purchased. This is like a ship without lifeboats, and it is an unforgivable joke on the public.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: NO

Great vehicle

Reviewed by diggin' my volt
May 13, 2016

I've only had it for a few weeks, so I can't speak to reliability despite this review forcing me to, but on the rest I'm in love with this car. I ot black Volt Premier 2017. NOT in love with Chevrolet dealers though -- I had to fly 300 miles to find a dealership that was actually communicative and helpful. I bought from them. All of the ones local to me (Seattle) either refused to answer basic questions or in a couple of cases were purposefully deceitful. RE: the car. - Really love it. I bought it because I couldn't reconcile the sticker shock on the Tesla X that I had been waiting for for 3 years, and am happy I did. - Interior and exterior styling is nice -- much nice in real life than in the photos, IMO. - I'm getting 55-60 miles per charge, which is great. I've used 0.6 gallons of gas in the past 3 weeks of daily use. When using gas, I'm getting >40mpg. Awesome. - It's not a Tesla in performance, but it's zippy enough for sure! - OnStar is a surprising delight. - Front seats are comfortable -- although not powered to save on weight, apparently. Back seats are usable but tight. There's no world in which 5 adults get into this car. - The hatchback is awesome. TONS of room for the size of the car. There are some annoyances - Won't remember to stay on the 12-amp charging setting. This is incredible annoying. - It's supposed to have Android Auto, but doesn't. I haven't really looked into this yet, but I'm hoping this is just a software upgrade. - Very very low ground clearance for aerodynamics. Speed bumps or steep roads invariably scrape the flexible wind barrier at the front of the car. There are some things I wish this had. It's a nice car, but it's not a luxury car. I have the Premier, and the speakers are only so-so which seems like an obvious miss. Bose should be embarrassed. Additionally, while it clearly has the capability for a more advanced driving assistance (e.g. lane-keeping on the highway), I suspect it has been purposefully crippled to reduce Chevy's liability. But overall I'd recommend this without hesitation. And I never, ever thought I would say that about a Chevy.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best EV ever why wait for Tesla

Reviewed by Jeff
May 06, 2016

My third Volt is the best ever ...small changes big rewards...paddle regen is extraordinary...quicker and more agile ...greater visibility ...more portable charger...better displays...better sound system...and now wifi great job chevy..

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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