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New 2017 Chevrolet Volt Reviews

New 2017 Chevrolet Volt

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37 of 38 (97%) of consumers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

Wonderful car!!

Reviewed by Ron/retired
August 01, 2017

Could use a proportional paddle switch on steering wheel for regenerative breaking. Current switch is eather on or off and is too harsh.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Cool car!

Reviewed by carltenh
July 21, 2017

I hadn't considered the Volt until my son and brother in law, both car geeks, recommended it before any other vehicle. I figured I'd test drive one and be done with it. After I drove it I was hooked! I'm not a tech guy but this has some cool stuff and is not complicated to use. It handles like a little sports car, is very comfortable and I love driving by gas stations for weeks at a time. And with the $7500 tax credit it's very affordable. Despite some minor electronics glitches I'm very happy!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

I love it!

Reviewed by LarryS
July 21, 2017

I wanted an electrified vehicle, and I looked at Priuses, Ioniqs, and Fusions before the Volt. What sold me on the Volt were the great acceleration, the infotainment system, the front seat comfort, and the fact that I can drive to work and back all on electric. It's also very quiet. The back seat is cramped, visibility is just OK, and I wish they had more advanced safety features (like blind spot warning) available on the LT trim. But all in all I am really enjoying my new Volt!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

20K Miles and Still Loving It!

Reviewed by Rayr3004
July 02, 2017

I didn't know what to expect when purchasing this car. Having had a Prius prior to the Volt, I was worried about the dependability . I've had the car about a year and a half and only had one issue that was taken care of quickly. The main gripe I had was the build quality. I had many cabin rattle sounds from plastic on plastic vibrating, such as the fuse box cover on the dash board vibrating when going over bumps. Some sponge foam pieces took care of the noises and everything is quiet. My daily commute only uses half the battery and with my 240v charger I had installed, the car fully charges in 2hrs. On the weekends in-between errands I plug in to top off the battery and am good to go. When I need to take longer trips I don't have any range anxiety because I have the engine to extend my range to all I need. The car easily reaches the 53 electric miles promised. In the winter the range is lower, in the mid to high 40's, and in the summer it's in the mid to high 60's. The car rides firm and heavy and the steering feels great. Pickup is very normal and quick. There is a large blind spot made by the rear pillar, but the blind spot detection in the side view mirror helps with that. I love the style of the car. It's a hatchback that comes in handy when needed, but doesn't have the look that advertises that it's a hatchback. I've gotten many compliments from strangers , which I never received about my Prius. The first year I had the car I didn't make many long trips, so the fuel that came with the car lasted almost 1yr. Currently it's been about 4 months since I stopped at a gas station. I'm impressed since the car only has an 8.9 gal tank. If the engine doesn't go on after 6 weeks it will start to perform maintenance - which of course burns fuel. I never thought I would need that, but I have, many times. I can honestly say, with 20K miles driven, I'm very happy with my decision and still look forward to driving it each day.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best Practical Car You'll Ever Own!

Reviewed by Craig
June 30, 2017

I've owned this car for about two weeks and continue to be amazed at its innovative features. Instant torque! This car, yet practical, is fun to drive. Yes, it's still a compact car and although they claim it can seat 5, that's not realistic. But I've driven more than 750 miles and I still have more than a half of a tank of gas left. I'd highly recommend this car.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best car I've ever had

Reviewed by kt
June 30, 2017

This car drives well, has an excellent sound system, heated steering well and seats, every sensor I could possibly need-----and has phenomenal mileage (MPGe) thanks to the combination of electric battery and gas. And no range anxiety! Great rebates and tax credits. Why would anybody have anything else other than a plug in hybrid??

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Most impressive car I've ever owned

Reviewed by MacGyver's Wife
June 25, 2017

The 2017 is the third Volt in our family. I took delivery 11 months ago and it just turned over 15,000 miles. I've only used 56 gallons of fuel. I get around 55 to 70 miles of range strictly in electric. When I have to use gas, the Volt switches seamlessly from electric to gas and gets an impressive 42+ mpg when I have to use that dreaded Dino juice. I love driving a silent car not to mention the benefit to the environment. The only maintenance for me will be one oil change every two years and eventually a set of tires. I'm excited to get behind the wheel every day!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Best Car I Ever Owned

Reviewed by Bob81
June 12, 2017

I like everything about the Chevrolet Volt except the rear vision. This is taken care of quite nicely by the rear view camera and sensors. I would recommend this car to anyone , but especially anyone who does mostly city driving. The ride and handling is exceptional. Chevy took their time developing the Volt but they got it right the first time. I especially like the extra range on EV. I had to drive over 60 miles before the generator took over. There are so many electronic and convenience features that I am sure it will be a while before I use them all. Truly a great car!!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

High on Voltage

Reviewed by JP Alaska
June 06, 2017

Okay, this is about the 20th time I have tried to submit this review, with site giving a vague error. I'll shorten my review, maybe my details about the Volt were too much for their programmers. Forget what you think you know about cars. The 2017 Chevy Volt is a completely grown up product with every detail worked out. The Chevy mechanic was jealous we were buying after his Volt lease had run out. He is still paying off a pickup truck. I'm driving a 1990 Chevy pickup I bought from a guy living in it for $500, so I could do remodeling work on our house errands. My wife prefers her Volt over her Acuras of the last 25 years, and she is getting competitive about how much battery we use versus gas. The Volt gives you 50 to 70 miles running on battery charge, and then kicks in a gas engine to charge the battery and keep you running for about 450 miles total until you have to fill up the little 8 gallon gas tank if you are on a long road trip. We're getting 45-50 miles per gallon when running on gas. Most of the time, you just go home from work and plug it in as needed if you commute less than 60 miles a day, never buying gas at all. This car has more future than any gas station or electric utility, as some day, it will still run off your solar roof panels alone, as technology continues in that direction. It is the perfect technology for the transition of the next 15 years as we wake up to reality. You can be awake and happy now. It drives like a sports car, without any noise and vibration, and has a nice cargo hatchback for shopping. It makes a cool noise for blind people to hear you at the crosswalk. They've thought of everything! Wire your garage for 220 Volts for faster charging. It is really exciting to skip the gas station. For most people, the supplied 110V charging cord will do, with overnight taking care of keeping the battery topped off. Maybe my long review was crashing this web site. We have not bought a new car since 2002, and take care of what we have. Other people loan us their cars, because they come back in better condition. The Volt is a car worth buying and keeping. There is no sign of 2011 Volt batteries having performance issues of any kind six years later. The only downside to this car is that the $7500 rebate from the IRS will run out when Chevy sells 200,000 electric vehicles, probably some time in 2018. I may get another Volt before then for me, so I can get to drive, too! If they make a Volt Pickup, I'll have to settle for one of those until the remodel is done. It is great looking in the Metallic Pepperdust. Get the leather seats and Bose stereo and all weather mats, and if you drive in a lot of traffic, the driver safety packages. You'll be done with buying another car for 20 years, probably. This one is all grown up. Apple Car play works great. There is a free Onstar demo for the in car 4G cellular wifi access service. Okay, seriously. Just go to the dealer and demand they let you play, too. This thing is more fun than a car. We'll be back in the market for a new model when they fly. For now, it feels about the same flying past gas pump lines. (3190 characters)

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

1 year, 12,000+ miles on '17 Volt

Reviewed by C21vintage
June 06, 2017

Love this car, no repairs req for first 12k miles, FAST, fun to drive, never buy gas unless I go on a long trip. In spring/fall driving without AC I ususally get closer to 60 miles/charge, A/C & heater cut into that but lowest ever was high 40's. Should have adjustable seat belt anchor, short people will be choked, must be corrected. Would like more sound proofing too but those are really my only complaints. No problem w visibility as I learned how to use mirrors long ago.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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