New 2016 Chevrolet SS Reviews

New 2016 Chevrolet SS

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Great car! Styling very reserved, a true sleeper!

Reviewed by Jeff B
November 15, 2016

When you walk up to car it looks very ordinary until you get in and start the engine. At that point you realize it is not ordinary but extraordinary. The car sounds awesome with the last generation corvette ls3 engine burbling underneath the hood. The car handles way better then it looks. Most feel it handles better then the E39 BMW m5 .I bought mine with manual transmission and would not want it with out. It is a true driving enthusiast car. Well appointed interior ,comfortable seats . My wife said no vette we have children and I could not be happier with my purchase. Law enforcement stare at Vettes ,chargers but don't give me a second glance. Stops great with Brembo breaks all the way around. Couple small things I might change but nothing that makes me regret my purchase. Until you drive one I don't think you can ever know how good this car is. Too bad this will be last year for them. If you want a new one you better hurry.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

The best sleeper can out there

Reviewed by Holden Car Lover
August 07, 2016

We were back in the market for a car thanks to the VW Diesel scandal. I had decided that I wanted a sedan but also wanted it to be sporty which required rear wheel drive and a manual transmission. Tall order these days in new cars so I started searching used and new. I found the Chevy SS and the more research I did the more I was convinced I wanted one. The SS is actually a Holden Commodore which is build in Australia. Last month Chevy had a killer deal on new SS cars so we bought a brand new one, with a manual trans of course, and love it! Blast to drive yet very few people know what it is. PERFECT! Highly recommend this car!

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Excellent machine

Reviewed by Paqman
July 31, 2016

All the power,comfort and style. Comes with a ton of extras. It really is a four door or Camaro. I like the interior it is an upgrade on a lot of past Comfortable and easy to navigate controlsIninside step on it and the engine jumps to life. Huge amounts of power.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

You enjoy cars? This unknown Chevy has it all.

Reviewed by Butch
April 17, 2016

Purchased the 2015 Chevy SS. The handling and response is outstanding. The magnetic ride makes a huge difference in what needs you have when driving it. Does not effect the terrific response you have in either mode. Roomy inside with unique styling. Large trunk area and roomy back seat. Safety wise you won't have any problems passing anybody on a two lane and getting around them in time. Or if you are at a light in the left lane and need to get around before the next right turn. Tell it your needs and it responds.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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