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2010 BMW M6View 2017 Model Price, Photos, Reviews & Features

2010 BMW M6 Exterior

2010 BMW M6 Overview (See Available Styles)

The 2010 BMW M6 is an artfully crafted coupe (or convertible) with racecar engineering evident from every angle.

Asphalt-destroying power comes from the 500-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-10, which hits the coveted 100 horsepower-per-liter mark – a truly impressive mark for a normally aspirated street car engine. Double overhead camshafts with variable cam timing and ten individual throttle valves – one per cylinder – ensure maximum airflow and power. This Formula 1-inspired engine is mated to a paddle-shifted seven-speed sequential-manual gearbox, or an optional six speed manual. Power is delivered to the rear wheels for maximum driving fun. This street-racer powertrain delivers 11 mpg city and 17 mpg highway ratings, which lags behind the Jaguar XK and Mercedes-Benz SL.

Sport seats are wrapped in leather and provide excellent lateral support. The front seats have a three-stage heat function, while an optional ventilated feature further enhances comfort. Alloy and leather interior trim pleases the eyes. A moonroof lets in the sunshine to warm you up, and the dual zone climate control keeps you cool. A 13-speaker audio system plays your favorite sounds, and an optional 825-watt stereo can rattle the windows when desired. A hard-drive based navigation system features voice command operation for hands-free use and displays real-time traffic information on an 8.8-inch screen.

A carbon fiber roof reduces weight and lowers the center of gravity, for enhanced handling capability. M Driving Dynamics allows the driver to select between two settings each for the throttle and steering controls to seek a more performance-oriented or a more relaxed driving feel. For further adaptability, the Electronic Damping Control offers Comfort, Normal and Sport modes to tune the relative ride stiffness to your taste.

The new BMW Assist satellite communications system competes with OnStar, and connects you to a call center at the push of a button. This system is especially useful in the event of a crash in a locale with no cell phone reception, or if your cell phone is lost during impact. Further safety is ensured by big, beefy brakes with antilock and brake assist functions, and BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control. A well-engineered crash structure and a fleet of airbags protect occupants in the event of a crash.

Soft leather, delightful infotainment technologies and BMW racing experience are at your fingertips in the 2010 BMW M6.

EPA Fuel Economy

  • City: 11 MPG
  • Highway: 17 MPG