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New 2018 Audi S5 Reviews

New 2018 Audi S5

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need more power

Reviewed by audi fan
August 19, 2017

I have to keep this car in sport mode all the time to get the performance I desire. I also have to use the paddle downshift when passing, as the turbo lag is significant. I was told a set of golf clubs would fit in the trunk and they don't, and it would be nice if you could leave the car in sport mode and have it stay there all the time. Other than that, I love the car, but I can't comment on reliability as I have only had the car for a few weeks.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

WOW ! This Audi S5 is fantastic

Reviewed by Carlee557
August 09, 2017

Beautiful car ! Great that its available 2018 with 4 doors. Interior design is an ergonomic dream ! Great sound system, super comfortable seats with massage option. Responsive within a second or two. Lots of legroom, the gray suede look interior is top notch. I get compliments and questions all the time as to what model car it is. Very Happy !

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Love it

Reviewed by AudiS52018
August 03, 2017

Love this car! This is my weekend vehicle, and I already put on 600 miles in two months. The technology is high end, beating out the competition. 0-60 is well under 4.4 as advertised and people always look at the car when I am pulling up.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

Audi S5 Cabriolet

Reviewed by Enjoy The Ride
August 02, 2017

Just bought an Audi S5 Cab in Daytona Pear Gray. The car is stunning. The design elements inside and out are clean and turn heads as you drive by. Technology elements are simple, straightforward for set up and use. Integration with phone (voice and data) is seemless. However best part is driving. Select mode is nice, but keep in Dynamic. Immediate response in acceleration. Tight exacting steering. Wonderful engine noise. You are in complete control and the car glides on the open road. It's a kitten that purrs, but has a beast inside

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

This car is awesome

Reviewed by Dm
July 28, 2017

This is by far the best car i have ever owned. Just getting inside brighens my day. The style, performance, attention to detail, are top notch.

I would recommend this vehicle to a friend: YES

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